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How To Make The Best Salmon Skin Roll

When people think “sushi” and “salmon,” the first roll to come to mind is often a spicy tuna roll. But this isn’t the only salmon roll that is worth making - one of my favorites to eat is a salmon skin roll!

Yes, it is made with salmon skin, but that’s a huge part of why it’s so tasty. The skin from smoked salmon has a very unique and flavorful taste that works great in a sushi roll.

Like any other sushi roll, you will have to prep quite a few ingredients to make a delicious dish, but don’t let that stop you from trying to make this roll. It will all be worth it!

Let’s go through the steps about how to make a salmon skin sushi roll together!

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What Does Mahi Mahi Taste Like? You’ll Be Surprised!

Do you eat fish? If you do, what are your favorite ones?

A lot of people, especially those who are watching their weight and are trying to tone their body, love salmon, cod, halibut, and tuna because they are undeniably delicious and nutritious at the same time.

Personally, I love salmon and halibut but, did you know that there are other fishes you can choose from that are as healthy and yummy, just like mahi mahi.

Wait, what? What kind of fish is that? What does mahi mahi taste like? Does it taste like salmon? How do you prepare it?

I will answer all of that and more as we go along.

If you have never heard of it ever in your life, then you better read along because after this, I promise, you will fall in love with it and crave for more.

Also, check out the amazing recipe that I prepared for you at the very end. You will surely love it!

What are we waiting for? Let’s get the ball rolling!

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How To Make Jamaican Chicken Soup: Simple Step-By-Step

When it’s a cold morning, there’s nothing better than a pot of hot soup to warm you up! One of my favorite soups to eat on chilly days is Jamaican chicken soup. This hearty soup is full of delicious ingredients that fill you up...and warm you up!

The recipe for Jamaican chicken soup has quite a few steps, but they’re easy to follow. Once you’ve made this soup once, you’ll find yourself wanting to make it every week!

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How To Make The Perfect Shoepeg Corn Dip

Everybody loves a good party dip, but this is a dip you might not want to share with anybody else! Shoepeg corn dip is sweet, spicy, and crunchy all at once, and I’m fairly certain I’m not the only one who has eaten an entire bowl!

Though it might seem impossible replicate the flavor on your own, it’s actually very easy to make! You can even make adjustments to how spicy your dish is by making your own. I like a spicy dip, so I always add extra jalapeno!

Whether you prefer things to be sweet, spicy, or perfectly balanced between the two, these tips will help you make the perfect dip. Let’s learn how to make it!

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All About Yogurt: 10+ Tips, Homemade Yogurt Tricks, and Nutrition!

Yogurt is a staple in the daily lives of many people. We eat it on its own, in cake recipes, as a frozen treat, and in so many more ways!

Why is yogurt such a popular treat? And how do we decide what type of yogurt we like best? Low-fat, nonfat, greek, and regular yogurt are all popular choices, but what’s the difference?

Let’s explore all there is to know about yogurt - including useful homemade yogurt tips!

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What Does Eel Taste Like And How To Cook It In A Wonderful Dish

Do you love sushi? Imagine you are in a sushi bar and the Itamae (sushi chef) served you this – on the house! Would you eat it?

Wow. Of course, it looks so delicious.

What if I tell you that dish is made out of eel’s meat? Would you still eat it?

Actually, it is a famous version of sashimi, but instead of raw fish, they use grilled eel.

Wait, what? What is an eel? What does eel taste like? Is it even safe to eat?

I will answer all of these and more, so read along.

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How To Make Salmon Patties Without Eggs In 6 Simple And Easy Steps

Are you vegan or do you have egg allergies of some sort? It must be a struggle for you sometimes to find a tasty recipe that does not require eggs.

Let’s admit the fact that egg are delicious, nutritious, and versatile. This is the main reason why most recipes call for it, but not everyone are fond or allowed to eat it.

What do you do then? It is either you look for a recipe that does not ask for eggs or look for viable substitutes.

Well, guess what? I will give you both!

I will teach you how to make salmon patties without eggs in 6 simple and easy steps, and give you some alternatives that you can also use for other recipes.

Are you ready? Let’s get cooking!

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7 Low Acid Coffee Brands That Will Make You And Your Digestive System Happy (2019 Edition)

Finding low acid coffee brands can seem like an impossible necessity for anyone who suffers from digestive issues when drinking acidic coffee. While I’ve loved coffee my whole life, I’ve found that when my stomach is more sensitive, coffee can make it 100x worse.

During those periods, I always look for a low acid coffee to drink. This keeps my stomach from being upset and avoids the possibility of painful heartburn that can come from an acid treat like coffee.

Thankfully, some coffee brands offer a processed version of coffee that does not irritate the stomach as much. Let’s take a look at the top low acid coffee brands!

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Difference Between Cappuccino And Latte: How To Know Your Coffee?

Have you ever been to a coffee shop? If so, do you remember the very first time you went? Weren’t you overwhelmed by the menu and the variety of drinks they serve?

Starbucks, alone, serves around 200 different beverages: 9 iced coffee, 12 freshly brewed coffee, 5 chocolate beverages, 44 espresso-based beverages, and 44 frappuccinos. The rest are teas, smoothies, kids’ drinks, and refreshers.

Imagine if someone who has never been to and heard of a coffee house sees that menu, how would they know which one to order?

The most common coffee blends in the whole world are cappuccino and latte. If you do not know much about coffee, you can never go wrong with those two. Although both sound Italian, later on you will discover more about the story behind their delicious flavors.

If you want to know more about the different coffee blends, specifically the difference between cappuccino and latte, so you won’t look like a nomad when you visit a coffee shop, then read along.

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How to Drink Black Coffee and Actually Love It

I don’t know about you but my day is not complete without a cup of freshly brewed coffee. Seriously, the aroma of it does a so much better job waking me up every morning than an annoying alarm clock.

Are you a coffee lover? If so, how do you like your coffee: freshly brewed or instant, hot or cold, black or regular, or decaf perhaps?

Two years ago, I used to put a lot of cream and sugar into my coffee because I really love it sweet and white. Until one day, I got diagnosed with borderline diabetes. My doctor barred me from eating sweets, drinking sodas and fruit juices, and adding too much sugar into my drinks.Of course, I asked him, what about my coffee? I need it, especially in the morning. Do you know what he said? “Make it black, then.”

At the time, I have never had a black coffee nor ever imagined drinking one. It is bitter and too strong for me, but I had to give it a try if I want to be healthy.

How about you? Do you drink black coffee or are you planning to switch but haven’t had the chance to because you don’t know how or where to start? Whether it is a personal or health-related decision, let me help you learn how to drink black coffee and actually love it.

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