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Easy Animal Outings: Malibu Creek Camping (With My Dog Max!)

My little Beagle Max and I love to play outdoors. In our yard, at the dog park, and even on hiking trails, we have a great time exploring together.

But I always have the thought of “oh, we have to get home soon” on my mind when I’m out with Max, so I never feel truly relaxed. After talking about this with some dog-owning friends including Helen, founder of, my best friend, they suggested we all go on an overnight camping adventure… with our dogs!

And that is how Max and I ended up spending just over 30 hours at Malibu Creek State Park with some friends. Here’s what we did - and why I think you and your pup should try it, too!

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Fine Fall Fashion: 9 Sling Bags For Women This Fall (Updated 2019)

I’ve always noticed that I love to have more accessories in the fall, and that is not limited to the obvious accessories like scarves and gloves as the weather cools down. Fall fashion dictates a need for add-ons like jewelry, hats, and of course: bags!

One of my favorite styles of bags to rock this season is a sling bag. I’m always on the go, and I love to be able to fit a lot into a bag and still be comfortable while using it. Sling bags for women work perfectly for this. They’re safe, secure, and can be surprisingly fashionable!

These are my 9 favorite sling bags this season. Check them out!

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Indulge In The 11 Best Hong Kong Street Food (#10 Will Shock You)

If you’ve heard of Hong Kong, you’ve heard about Hong Kong food. When I was getting ready for my recent trip to Hong Kong, the only thing I wanted to plan out was what I was going to eat! There’s just so many great options for a food lover like me.

And not all of the great food in Hong Kong is found in restaurants. In fact, a lot of it is found in street stalls scattered around the city!

Here are 11 essential Hong Kong street food options that you have to try while visiting this amazing city. You won’t regret it!

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Travel Exposure: When Is The Best Time To Go To Bora Bora?

There’s nothing quite like escaping everyday life to go on an exotic vacation, and if your trip takes you to Bora Bora, you’re in for a treat!

Before my first trip to Bora Bora, I wondered about the best time to go to Bora Bora. After all, it’s hard to know what the weather will be like in a place so far from home.

I’ve detailed the information and common questions that you need to know about Bora Bora travel timing below. Check it out before planning your trip so that you can have the best time.

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What Is The Best Time To Climb Kilimanjaro? The Surprising Answer

Are you gearing up for a big trip to Kilimanjaro? Even if you’re experienced with this type of adventure, you have to consider the time of your that you will attempt your summit.

After all, the weather on Kilimanjaro will affect both your climb and your chance of success! You wouldn’t want you only climbing days available to be ruined by weather, crowds, or other issues, right?

I’ve done the research about the best time to climb Kilimanjaro, so wonder no longer. Just keep reading to discover when you should plan to have one of the most life-changing experiences of your life.

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Do You Know The Cheapest Time To Go To Jamaica?

Everyone deserves a vacation, right?

Sometimes it can be difficult to believe that’s true because vacation can seem too difficult to possibly afford. But don’t let that stop you from going on the trip of a lifetime - there are ways to make sure that you can afford a fantastic trip.

One place I have always wanted to go but thought was too expensive to reach is Jamaica. But just like any other vacation destination, there are cheaper times of year when you can visit Jamaica and have a fantastic trip!

Let’s look at when the cheapest time to go to Jamaica is, and what you should consider when planning your trip!

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9 Of The Best All Inclusive Vacations With Airfare Under 500

There is a certain charm and appeal to going on an all inclusive vacation.

Not only do you have an idea of what you’ll be doing before you even plan much of anything, but you also have a great idea of how much you’ll end up spending….and that’s not much at all!

Once you pay for the trip, your hotel, airfare, and some meals are covered at a bare minimum, and you can simply enjoy your trip!

Here are some of the best all inclusive vacations with airfare under 500. You should note that airfare is under 500 from the main hub for each trip, but you these are still great, affordable options for anyone to choose!

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Where To Stay In Osaka: How Can You Make More Of Your Japan Trip?

Osaka is one of the most beautiful places in Japan. This city blends modern and traditional in a way that allows you to see a blend of the Japan of the present and of the past.

With so many beautiful sites to see in Osaka, I know how important it is to stay close to the main attractions. So I’ve gathered up some recommendations about the different accommodation options in the city that will help you make the most of your trip.

Stop wondering where to stay in Osaka and get ready for your next trip by planning your stay with my tips in hand!

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Washington, DC: Everything You Need To Plan For The Best Trip!

Once, my friend told me all about her weekend trip to Washington, DC and how much fun she had there. She couldn’t stop talking about the cupcakes she ate, and she still brings them up every single time we eat dessert.

As a California native, DC isn’t a place that I ever considered for a weekend trip. The flight takes more than five hours, after all. Usually, I stick closer to home for weekend trips.

Still, her story about her trip stuck in my mind, so I finally took the time to visit Washington, DC for a week. And it did not disappoint me!

My only goals were to see the sights and eat some delicious food! I made a rough itinerary, but I also left some time open to explore.

I’d love to tell you more about my trip, so I’m going to break down what I packed, what I ate, where I went, and how I prepared for this trip! If you have been thinking about visiting Washington, DC but haven’t made the trip yet, this is your chance to start planning!

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