9 Stunning Edible Flowers For Cakes That Look Professional

In recent years, the natural beauty of flowers has been taking the dessert, wedding, and cake industries by storm. There’s no better way to replicate the beauty of nature than by putting real, edible flowers on your cakes.

But most people, like myself, don’t normally eat flowers, so it can be difficult to decide what kind of flowers are okay to use on your cake. Can you simply go into your backyard, cut any flowers that you think are pretty, and be on your way?

The answer is no, but that doesn’t mean you’re out of options. I’ve discovered 9 beautiful edible flowers for cakes that you can use in your decorations. Let’s learn more about them now!


NOTE: Please remember that all flowers used as edible decoration should come from a reputable, organic source to ensure that they are food safe. If you aren’t sure that the flowers are truly food safe, don’t use them on your cake.

Additionally, there are many flowers and plants that are poisonous or irritants, so always be 100% sure that you are using safe, edible flowers like those listed below. Flowers are a wonderful ingredient to use, but you have to be sure that they are safe and do not have any chemical treatments on them.

#1 Chrysanthemum: A Peppery Choice

Edible Flowers For Cakes

First up on today’s list of edible flowers are chrysanthemums. These flowers come in a wide variety of colors from red to white to yellow to orange which makes them great for cake decorating a number of different styles.

The flavor of chrysanthemum is faintly peppery, which can be interesting when added to certain types of cakes. Traditionally use in more savory applications, you can still use them to boost the flavor profile and style of your cakes.

When using chrysanthemums, make sure to do the following:

  • Blanch before using
  • Remove the bitter flower base
  • Use the petals only
  • Remove leaves, unless you want a bitter taste

#2 The Wonder Of Violets

Edible Flowers For Cakes

Violets have been commonly used in French society for both medicinal and food purposes for hundreds of years, most common in a candied application.

The flavor of violets is very sweet and floral. They have a heavy perfume to them, which makes them a very common floral choice. You can use them in most desserts, or even freeze them into ice cubes to make a decorate drink.

Johnny jump-ups, pansies, and violas are both closely related, so these four flowers can be paired together for a fun flavor profile and mix of colors. Between the four, you can find various purples, yellows, and pastel hues that will create a beautiful array of colors.

One great way to incorporate violet into deserts is by making violet macarons, and then using these to decorate a cake! You can’t go wrong with something this delicious. You can also make candied violets for a sweet, beautiful decorating touch on any floral inspired dessert.

#3 Lemon Verbena

Edible Flowers For Cakes

Via alfrescofoodandlifestyle.blogspot.com

Lemon Verbena is a fun flower that works well in combination with both sweet and savory flavors. As it’s name suggests, it has a light, lemony flavor.

One great way to incorporate the flavor of lemon verbena into your cake is to make a custard to fill your cake with. The leaves and flowers can be be used to make flavored custard and flan.

While not very conventional, this can make a fun twist on using these edible flowers for more than simple decorations.

The flower itself is tiny and cream colored, making it perfect for a those looking to remain neutral with their color choices even in decorations. The flowers give off a delightful, citrus scent. Tiny cream-colored citrus-scented blossoms.

#4 Lavender

Edible Flowers For Cakes

Many people are familiar with the floral flavor of lavender. It’s very perfume-y and even has a faintly citrusy flavor. This unique and very recognizable flavor makes it useful in a variety of items, including:

  • Cocktails
  • Teas
  • Desserts
  • Baked goods
  • Popsicles
  • Ice cubes
  • Cupcakes

If you want to try one of my favorite cake recipes, try making this lavender honey cake made with infused lavender honey. I promise that you won’t be able to stop eating it because it is so delicious!

#5 Pansies

Edible Flowers For Cakes

Pansies are one edible flower that is better as a garnish and decoration than it is as an ingredient. While there are some recipes that include pansies in the cake itself, they work best as a garnish because of their flavor.

The mild flavor of pansies is not very appealing - it’s faintly grassy yet still a little sweet. You can eat the whole flower for a green taste, or just the petals to get a very mild taste. Depending on what you want to accomplish, you will want to trim back the flowers.

Pansies look absolutely stunning on a naked cake like this one:

#6 Jasmine

Edible Flowers For Cakes

When it comes to sweet flavors, jasmine petals take the cake among edible flowers! They have a very, very sweet and floral fragrance that transmits well to their flavor, which is why they are a favorite in both teas and desserts.

Because of how fragrant jasmine can be, you should always use it sparingly. One great way to accomplish this while baking with jasmine is to infuse honey with jasmine and then use honey in your recipe. Decorate with jasmine at the end to complete your cake.

Be very careful to use real jasmine. False jasmine is considered too poisonous for human consumption.

#7 Hibiscus

For those who have tried hibiscus tea, you know that hibiscus has a very tart flavor. It is comparable to cranberries, and the citrus overtones are undeniable. This strong flavor is why it is often used in teas, but it also makes a great garnish for cakes in both fresh and dried varieties.

If you want to add a tart and sweet component to your cake, try hibiscus.These slightly acidic petals will wow you and everyone that tries to eat your scrumptious dessert!

And if you don’t want to use real hibiscus, learn how to pipe fake ones instead:

#8 Johnny-Jump-Ups Add Some Minty Flavor


Related to violets, this is a fantastic flower to use for both baking and serving on top of cakes. The color usually appears in a pretty yellow, white and purple blooms The flavor of the Johnny-Jump-Up is very minty. Some would even say it tastes a bit like bubblegum!

The soft flavor makes it a great flower to add for some flavor on top of a simple cake, or to pair with a goat cheese-like icing or cake as the flavors go very well together.

In addition to being great for cakes, you can use these flowers on to help thicken your soup or to add color to spring roll filling, salads, and other vegetable mixes.

#9 The Sweetness Of Rose Petals

Edible Flowers For Cakes

The flavor of rose petals largely depends on the variety and conditions they were grown in, but their flavor generally resembles green apples or strawberries. The darker the rose, the stronger its flavor will be.

Before using rose petals, make sure that you cut off the bitter, white part off the petal that will otherwise leave a not-so-pleasant taste behind.

Then, try making some Rose Petal Jam to use in your new cake!One great way to use rose petals in dessert is to candy them! Candied rose petals look so beautiful, and while they are largely flavorless, they are, indeed, edible! Rose takes so much flavor concentration to be noticeable that you won’t taste a single petal, but it still adds great floral appeal to any cake.

Choose Wisely & Prepare Carefully!

Edible Flowers For Cakes

There are so many flowers that you can use on your cakes - just be careful to choose ones that are truly edible and to get them from a reliable source!

It can be tempting to go to the flower shop and pick up flowers to use for cake decoration, but floral arrangements are coated in various chemicals time and time again that are not safe to eat, so you do not want to do this.

Get your flowers from an organic, reputable source and check with the grower that they are food safe. Then, decorate to your hearts content!

Do you have any edible flowers for cakes that you love to decorate or bake with? Share below, then share this article with friends who would love a pretty, floral cake!

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