How To Reheat Fried Chicken In Just Four Easy Steps

There’s nothing like a good piece of crispy, warm fried chicken. Whether you make it yourself or pick it up on the way home from a long day, fried chicken has a tasty crunch unlike anything else.

The problem comes in whenever you want to reheat any fried chicken leftovers. Impossible to make them taste good, right?

Wrong! Reheating fried chicken is easy once you know how to bring your fried chicken leftovers back to life. I’ll teach you how to reheat fried chicken in a way that you won’t even remember that it’s not fresh.


Why Is Reheating Fried Chicken So Difficult?

Fried chicken is known for its crispiness, but keeping it from going soggy in the fridge is difficult.

Reheating fried chicken is difficult because the skin loses its crispiness and the chicken loses its moisture when you reheat it. Even if you’re careful to use the chicken within a few days of it being made, you often will find that the skin lacks all crispiness, which is disappointing for fried chicken fans.

So disappointing, in fact, that many people prefer to just eat it cold. But that’s not necessary! You can reheat fried chicken in a way that is delicious. Let’s learn how!

Store The Chicken Properly

The first thing you need to do before even considering reheating your chicken is to store it properly.

This, thankfully, is easy. Just wrap your leftover fried chicken in two layers of paper towels and then placing it in a Zip-lock bag. This will help keep the skin from absorbing extra moisture, so it will be crispier when you reheat it.

Some fried chicken fans say that leaving the fried chicken on a plate, not covered, is the best way to prevent chicken from getting soggy, but you will need to use it within one or two days no matter how you store it!

4 Ways To Reheat Fried Chicken

Method 1: Reheating Fried Chicken In The Microwave

This is the least effective way to reheat fried chicken, but sometimes, it’s your only option.

Reheating in a microwave will often leave your chicken dried out and soggy, so you need to be careful about how you do this.

First, take your chicken out of the refrigerator. Allow it to sit out for 10 or so minutes so that it gets closer to room temperature. This will prevent the chicken from losing as much water during the heating process.

Then, put a paper towel over your plate of chicken. This will help the chicken from getting too soggy. As the chicken heats, it will release some moisture, so you want to soak it up with the paper towel.

Finally, microwave the chicken in 30-second intervals until warm. It may be difficult to heat the chicken evenly, but don’t over-microwave or you will completely dry out the fried chicken.

Microwaving should be your last choice. It’s going to give the least delicious results, but it’s efficient for those who want to enjoy their chicken quickly!

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Method 2: Reheating Fried Chicken On The Stove


One method that is less popular because it takes more time is to reheat your fried chicken on the stove. Though it may take longer, it’s a delicious way to make your chicken fresh again.

Here’s how to reheat fried chicken on the stove:

  • Heat oil in a pan with high sides on medium-high heat.
  • Drop room temperature fried chicken into the oil.
  • Let it refry for 3-5 minutes.
  • Enjoy your crispy chicken!

Method 3: Reheating Fried Chicken In The Oven

This is probably the most popular method of reheating fried chicken that often has good results.

You only need a few tools to reheat your leftover fried chicken in the oven:

And here’s how to reheat the chicken in the oven:

  • Place the baking rack on the baking sheet.
  • Put chicken on the baking rack.
  • Cook in the oven for 8 to 14 minutes on 400 degrees.
  • Enjoy your crispy, delicious chicken!

You can also heat your chicken up again in the oven using the broiler method, explained in this video:

If you want to get especially crispy skin and are willing to put in a bit more effort, use the broiler method in the oven, because it makes great, crispy skin a possibility!

My Favorite Method: Reheating Fried Chicken In A Convection Oven


Another great way to reheat fried chicken is in a convection oven! This is the best way I’ve found after years of trying. While not everyone owns a convection oven, having one can be very useful for heating foods.

To reheat in a convection oven, simply follow these steps:

  • Remove chicken from fridge
  • Put into convection oven at 325 degrees
  • Cook for 10-12 minutes
  • Enjoy!

Easy, right? I love this method, and it’s incredibly convenient for those that own convection ovens.

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Additional Pro Tips For Reheating Chicken

I’ve also gathered up a few additional tips from the pros about how to reheat your fried chicken.

Try using these tips if you find yourself with lackluster results - you chicken will be crispy and delicious in no time!

  • If you find your chicken to be too greasy, try reheating it in the oven on top of a paper bag or paper napkins. They will not catch on fire, but they will draw out any extra grease.
  • If possible, always let your chicken rest at room temperature for up to an hour before reheating. This helps ensure that the chicken heats up evenly.
  • If you have time, heat the chicken at a lower temperature for a longer time (such as 225 degrees for 25 minutes). This will warm the chicken but also keep it in better condition.
  • Sprinkle chicken with water before reheating, unless you are re-frying the chicken. This will help keep the chicken moist.
  • After heating, put in the oven on “broiler” settings for 1-2 minutes. The chicken will burn quickly, so keep an eye on it, but you can get a nice crispy finish this way.
  • Just eat it cold. Many people suggest eating chicken cold instead of being disappointed in how much chicken changes overnight. Not for everyone, but it’s something to consider!

Let’s sum up all of this useful advice with a quick video on the best way to reheat fried chicken:

Don’t Toss Fried Chicken Leftovers Again!

If you’ve ever tossed leftover chicken because you didn’t think it’d reheat well, you’re not alone. I used to do this all the time. But now, we don’t have to!

Thanks to the pro-tips outlined above, you can reheat fried chicken easily. Getting crispy fried chicken for days after buying or making it is all about how your store it and how you heat it. Take your time, and you’ll have a delicious meal!

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Have you mastered how to reheat fried chicken? If so, comment and let us know your tips. Then share with your friends so that they’ll never eat soggy chicken again!

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