How To Choose The Best Belgique Cookware Reviews, Instructions, And More (Updated 2019)

To make great food, you need great cookware. Some might try to argue otherwise, but even the best chefs can be ruined by cookware that won’t perform properly.

That’s why I’ve gathered up the best Belgique cookware reviews so you can have your pick of great equipment that will help you when you’re trying to make great food. Let’s take a look!

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How To Choose The Best Belgique Cookware

When you’re investing in anything new for your kitchen, you want to do more than just look for the lowest price and buy. Cookware will be touching every meal you prepare, so taking more time to choose the right piece is a necessity if you want the best.

When it comes to Belgique cookware, there are a few things that are most important to consider.

What Is Belgique Cookware?


Before I get into what makes the best Belgique cookware unique, it seems right to introduce Belgique cookware in case you have only heard the term in passing.

Belgique is actually a brand that creates different kinds of cookware! In the past few years, they have been getting more and more attention since popular department stores carry them and make a big deal about how great they are.

The truth is, Belgique really does have some great pieces! But you need to know what you are looking for in order to get the best cookware and the best deals.

Check out what a set from Belgique might look like:

Choose The Right Material

Different cookware made by Belgium is made from different materials, and you will want to consider which type of material is right for your kitchen and the meals that you like to prepare.

Every type of material has pros and cons. Let me introduce the most common types of materials used by Belgique so you can get a better idea of what this cookware has to offer.

Stainless Steel

This is probably the most commonly found (and most popular) type of cookware produced by Belgique. Stainless steel is very hard and durable. On top of that, it’s affordable! This means that it’s easy to get, even if you don’t have a large budget.

But stainless steel does not heat evenly, so it can cause the pan to warp or have hot spots. If you choose a stainless steel pan, check if it also includes chromium or nickel in a blend, as they are better heat conductors.


While not the most common material to find from Belgique, they do offer some copper pans that are worth checking out. Copper conducts heat better than most metals, and this leads to an even and fast cooking surface that will help you avoid burning, sticking, or ruining a meal.

That being said, copper must have a coating to be food safe. Depending on what type of coating is used, your pan may not be easy to clean, as copper can be quite difficult.

Anodized Aluminum

Like copper, this material is great at conducting and retaining heat. On top of that, it is so lightweight! You’ll be surprised to find how light it is considering how it looks. Anodized aluminum also does not rust, which is nice to know.

Some cookware from Belgique may be made out of other materials, but these are the most common materials to be aware of to ensure that you know what you are cooking with. If you don’t pay attention to this, you may find it hard to know how to use your pan. The material affects how you cook, so pay attention!

Safe Handles & Lids

Another thing to check out on all Belgique cookware is how the lids and handles are formed. Belgique is known for having safe and well-made handles, but it’s always good to take a closer look.

Look for pans that have welds rather than rivets to attach the handle to the pan. This will make it easier to clean the pan. Also, look for handles made of low conductive materials so that they can go in the oven but also will not burn your hands too easily.

Also check that any included lids fit the pan tightly and have a heatproof handle on them for easy, safe removal. Most lids feature these things, but it can be dangerous and difficult to cook with a pan that does not.


A huge factor when buying any housewares is durability. When making an investment into your future, you want it to last! Ensure that any cookware you pick out has a good durability rating. Belgique is known for making durable cookware, but every piece is different, so check this out, too.

The Top 5 Best Belgique Cookware

1. Belgique Stainless Steel Soup Pot, 3 Qt


The first piece of cookware I’d like to introduce is the Belgique Stainless Steel Soup Pot, 3 Qt. This pan is a great choice for those who don’t yet have any Belgique cookware, as it is versatile and one of the pots that you’ll likely use the most around your home.

This pot is made of 3-layer encapsulated stainless steel. This means that it will distribute heat well even though it is stainless steel, so you don’t need to worry about burning food or developing hot spots while cooking. This pot also works on all stove types, including gas, electric, glass, and induction stovetops.

The handle and lid on this pan area also great. The handles have comfort silicone on the bottom, so you can get a good grip and it won’t get too hot, either. Additionally, the lid is glass so you can see what is going on in the pan, and it fits the pot very tightly.


  • Works on all types of stove tops
  • Tight fitting glass lid
  • Silicone coated handles for good grip
  • Versatile
  • Triple layered for great heat conduction


  • Not the easiest pan to wash
  • Develops pitting over time

2. Belgique Hard Anodized 3 Qt. Covered Soup Pot


Next up we have another 3 quart soup pot, but this one is made of a different material. The Belgique Hard Anodized 3 Qt. Covered Soup Pot differs from the stainless steel model because it uses anodized aluminum, which is known to have better conduction properties than stainless steel.

The inside of this pan is coated with a sealant and then Teflon nonstick coating, which works to make cleanup easier and prevent any unwanted sticking.

For best results while using this pan, you should use it on low to medium high heat settings. Because of how it conducts heat, you should never need to use this pan on high heat, and doing so can actually cause the materials to break down more rapidly than they would otherwise.


  • High-quality anodized aluminum construction
  • Oven safe to 460 degrees
  • Nonstick Teflon coating on the inside of the pan
  • Very attractive design and shape
  • Holds a lot


  • Does not work on induction stovetops
  • Not microwave safe

3. Belgique Hard Anodized 7.5 Qt. Covered Dutch Oven


Now, let’s review another anodized pan. This time, it’s the Belgique Hard Anodized 7.5 Qt. Covered Dutch Oven. If you’ve never used a dutch oven, it’s time to give it a try with this amazing Belgique cookware.

This pan has a lovely non-stick coating that makes clean up very easy. Even though it cannot go in the dishwasher, this isn’t a problem because cleaning it is so easy. Even if food gets stuck on, a simple soak and wash will remove it. Who doesn’t love a pan that basically cleans itself?

The bell design of this pot is very unique because it helps to retain moisture in foods that might otherwise dry out too much while they are cooking. The curved sides prevent too much water from being drawn out of the pot.


  • Made from high-quality anodized aluminum
  • Heavy and durable feel
  • Tight fitting glass lid
  • Cleans up very easily when washed by hand
  • Heats up very quickly


  • Handles get too warm
  • Nonstick may peel over time
  • Only oven safe to 300 degrees

4. Belgique 3qt Soup Pot With Lid Red


The next pan is a cute, red soup pot, the Belgique 3qt Soup Pot With Lid Red. This piece of cookware can add some fun flair to your kitchen setup, but that’s not all it can do.

This pan retains heat very well, so you don’t need to turn it too high while working on your meals. Also, the bell shape helps to prevent loss of moisture and any splattering. It’s nice to have a pan that makes cooking easier, and this is a pan that does just that.

This specific pan will work with electric, gas and ceramic cooktops. The construction of this pan is very sturdy. Strong handles, a tempered glass lid, and limited lifetime warranty will ensure that you can use this pan for many years to come.


  • Fun red color and design
  • Bell shape prevents splattering and moisture loss
  • Very small and lightweight
  • Oven safe up to 400 degrees


  • Not compatible with induction stovetops
  • Riveted handles

5. Belgique Stainless Steel Cookware, 11 Piece Set


The final cookware I want to introduce today is not just a single pan - it’s a whole set! If you have no cookware and want to try out Belgique thoroughly, you can try out the Belgique Stainless Steel Cookware, 11 Piece Set.

With this collection, you’ll be able to cook anything and everything that you fancy. No matter the size or the shape of the food you want to prepare, you can find a pan that will work for you.

These pans all have a nick, thick bottom that allows them to sit flush with the cooking surface. This helps with heat conduction, and it is part of why you should only use low to medium heat when cooking with these pans.

This is a great starter set for the beginner chef or someone who just wants to “refresh” their cookware collection. Do more with this Belgique set.


  • Lids fit and are well ventilated
  • Oven safe up to 450 degrees
  • No heat transfer to handles
  • Can and should cook over low temperatures


  • Diveting possible on the smaller pans
  • Takes a long time for water to boil in the bigger pans

The Best Belgique Cookware Reviews Say...

Now that you’ve had a chance to read my in-depth reviews, I hope you’ve found that all of these best Belgique cookware reviews show that there are some pans that just outdo all the others!

Above them all, however, sits the Belgique Stainless Steel Soup Pot, 3 Qt. This Belgique pan stands out among the others because it has a great design, high-quality material composition, and even a great set of handles! Plus, it is incredibly versatile and will have a lot of uses in your kitchen, which is key when you are buying any type of cookware.

Do you have any experience with Belgique cookware? If you do, make sure to let me know in the comments. I’m always hoping to learn more about how people work in their kitchen and how they use their equipment. Let’s learn together!

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