The Best Butane Torch Of 2019 (Buyer’s Guide & Reviews)

Even if you’ve never used a butane torch before, there are dozens of ways you could use it at home. You can do everything from soldering jewelry to whipping up a delicious dessert.

While butane torches are very versatile, you will want to make sure you choose a reliable torch that will last you for a long time. In this review guide, I’ve gathered up some of the best butane torch options. Choose the one that will work best for you!

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Choosing The Best Butane Torch For Your Home

With so many products on the market, it can be hard to decide which one to buy. That is why I’m here to help! In addition to selecting the top 5 butane torches available today, I am also sharing some info on how to choose the right butane torch.

Use the following advice to help you make your final selections.

Butane Torch Uses


First, let’s start with a brief list of the different ways butane torches are used.

  • Loosen bolts
  • Warm frozen items
  • Burn away unwanted weeds
  • Melt cheese
  • Brown tops of desserts
  • As a heat gun to strip paint
  • Make jewelry
  • Thaw frozen pipes...and many more ways!

Now that you know how butane torches are used, let’s get into what you should check before purchasing your own.

Burn Time

The most important thing to check on a butane torch is the burn time. Every butane torch will have a different rating for how long it can run based on a few factors:

  • How much fuel it holds
  • Leakage
  • Efficiency

Some torches may burn for half an hour, while others may be able to be used for an hour or more.

Decide how much burn time you would like to get from your butane torch. Depending on what you are doing, the amount of time you will need may vary drastically.

For kitchen usage, short burn time should be enough because you can always refuel before your next use. If you plan to use it for long-term projects in construction, you will want a longer burn time of at least one hour, as you won’t want to have to refuel too often.

Useful Features


Another thing to check out is what kind of useful add on features each butane torch has. Every torch is different, but there are a number of convenient features that you may want to look for.

These three features are some of my favorites. The best butane torch will have one or more of these features to make your user experience more enjoyable and efficient.

  • Fuel Gauge: Allows you to see how much fuel is left.
  • Flame Adjustment: Allows you to change how big or small the flame is.
  • Tips: Butane torches may have extra tips included, which change how the flame is dispersed while working.

Design Matters


Another important thing to consider is the design of the butane torch itself. If you are using it for hours on end, you will want to ensure it is comfortable and easy to use.

The key thing to check is how heavy the torch is. You want to make sure it is lightweight. If it’s too heavy, it will make your hand and arm tired while you are using it, making it more difficult to get your work done efficiently.

Another thing to check is if the handle is comfortable. You don’t want to have an awkward grip, as this could be dangerous. If it is comfortable, you will be more in control of what you are doing with the butane torch.

The last design feature that is worth checking for is an instant power switch. Some butane torches are very complicated to start up, while others have easy power switches. Check for the convenience of a modern, instant power switch.



When you’re using a butane torch, you’re controlling a flame. Fire can be a very dangerous substance, so you will want to make sure that safety is at the forefront of your mind while the butane torch is in use.

Different butane torches have different safety features, and the best butane torches will have safety backups that are better than cheap, low-quality torches.

Choose a butane torch that has a safety lock. This is important because it prevents the torch from being accidentally turned on. If you have children at home, this is especially important. Safety locks can prevent accidental traumas.

Find out if the ignitor on the butane torch is reliable or not. Some butane torches have to be light with a separate lighter or match, which can be very dangerous. Butane torches with built in, dependable igniters are safer to use, so look for a butane torch with this safety measure.

One more thing to check is the applications that the butane torch is rated for. Some butane torches are only meant for professional or industrial users, and they should not be used at home. Make sure that you choose a butane torch that matches your needs.

Staying Safe While Using a Torch

Now that I’ve covered how to choose a butane torch, I want to give a few final tips on how to stay safe while you are using your new torch. These tips will help you stay safe!

  • Always use the right tip for the right job.
  • Never point the tip of the torch towards anyone’s face.
  • Light the while it is parallel to you, not facing you.
  • Keep an extinguisher nearby.
  • Keep somewhere away from pets and small children.
  • Store fuel away from the torch to prevent any accidents.

The Best Butane Torch Option of 2017

1. JB Chef Culinary Micro Butane Torch


The first butane torch to consider is the JB Chef Culinary Micro Butane Torch. While this butane torch was made with the kitchen in mind, it can work for a number of other small applications at home.

I really like how easy this torch is to use and how safe it is. Not only does it have a locking mechanism, but you can also refill this torch very easily. Plus, you don’t have to keep the butane can on the torch while using it, making it very convenient and safe to hold onto.

You can also adjust this flame to be at full strength or at a lower strength very easily, making it convenient to use for any sized application. All you have to do to get started is click to ignite, and you’ll be ready to use your butane torch immediately.


  • Easy to fill with fuel
  • Has safety lock
  • Adjustable flame size
  • Instant ignition works very well


  • Instructions are weak
  • Switches made of cheap plastic

2. EurKitchen Culinary Torch


The next butane torch that you can consider one of the best of 2017 is the EurKitchen Culinary Torch. This butane torch has a sleek black design, and it’s very easy to use, which makes it a great option for many kitchens.

What I like most about this butane torch is that it has a very easy to use gas flow regulator dial. This dial allows you to control the length of the continuous flame. It can be up to 6 inches long, and the temperature will adjust accordingly.

In addition to being lightweight and comfortable to use, this butane torch has safety lock and ignition features. This makes it one of the easiest torches to use. You won’t struggle to use this torch.


  • Hand guard protects fingers
  • Easy-to-use gas regulator dial
  • 1 year money-back guarantee
  • Lightweight and comfortable to use


  • No fuel gauge to let you know how much fuel is left
  • Does not work as well on lower flame settings

3. Iwatani CB-TC-PRO2 - Professional Butane Cooking Torch


Next up I’d like to introduce the Iwatani CB-TC-PRO2 - Professional Butane Cooking Torch. This butane torch is a bit different from the first two in that you have to keep the entire can of butane attached to the actual torch.

While some people may not like how this handles, it’s actually very convenient for knowing how much fuel you have left. The kit also includes a stabilizer so that you can stand the torch up when it’s not in use, which makes it very convenient.

This torch is very strong, making it great for roasting things like peppers. You can adjust the flame strength easily using a dial on the top part of the butane torch. This will change both the strength and size of the flame, though it doesn’t always work perfectly.


  • One year warranty included
  • Super strong torch great for cooking whole vegetables
  • Easy to know how much fuel you have left


  • Quite large to hold in your hand
  • Even at lowest setting, flame is quite strong
  • Known to weaken in a few uses

4. XPERTS Flame Kitchen Culinary Torch


Another interesting butane torch to consider purchasing is the XPERTS Flame Kitchen Culinary Torch. This torch was originally created to be used in the kitchen, but it can be used in a number of ways around the home.

What I like most about this torch is how easy it is to use and how good it feels in your hand. In addition to being a really comfortable size and design, the torch doesn’t heat up while you are using it. Many torches have this problem, so it’s great to see that this issue doesn’t exist with this model.

The fuel is also used very efficiently in this model, so you do not need to refill it very often.


  • Comfortable to use
  • Made of high-quality materials
  • Can control flame strength
  • Fuel lasts for a long time


  • On/off switch only locks the trigger; doesn’t actually extinguish the flame or turn it off completely
  • Butane can leak if flame adjustment dial isn’t completely closed
  • Not the safest torch

5. ALNEW Culinary Butane Torch


The final butane torch that should be considered one of the best of 2017 is the ALNEW Culinary Butane Torch. This torch is another solid option, and it has a lot of good features.

I really like that this torch isn’t likely to leak butane or release any dangerous flames thanks to it having good safety features. The safety lock prevents this from happy, making it a safe choice.

This model also has a very easy grip, making it possible to use this butane torch with precision. Since you can get a good grip, you don’t need to worry about dropping it while the flame is running. This model can also stand on its base without falling over.


  • Safety lock prevents butane from leaking
  • Very lightweight
  • Easy to fill the butane tank


  • The safety lock can be easily lost
  • Parts are not very durable

Get Things Cooking With Your Butane Torch


Using a butane torch at home is a very convenient way to apply direct and strong heat. Whether you need it for building, jewelry-making, or cooking, you’ll find that the best butane torch will make your life just a little bit easier, and who doesn’t want that?

Among all of these butane torch options, the best torch is definitely the JB Chef Culinary Micro Butane Torch. This torch is very easy to control and has all the safety features that you would need in a torch at this price point. It’s comfortable and reliable, making it the best choice of 2017.

Which torch do you like best among these top options? Share your opinions with me in the comments for next time!

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