The Top 23 Food And Wine Blogs: Experience The World With Wine

While there’s something to be said about going out into the world and experiencing food and wine for yourself, there’s also something amazing about living the world through some of the best food and wine blogs on the internet!

To get the best passionate views about food and wine and learn more about aspects of the world you haven’t seen before, you need to check out the top 23 food and wine blogs around. These blogs will make you inspired, intrigued, and most importantly, hungry for a new adventure!

Let’s explore the top 23 blogs as well as a little bit about each one of the blogs.


1. Matching Food And Wine

The comprehensive site Matching Food and Wine covers recipes, reviews, top pairings, and more all in one site, and that is why it has made it to the top of the list! My favorite part of the site is the extensive list of recipes they have which also include wine suggestions. You can enjoy the perfect meal with Matching Food And Wine.

Fiona Beckett is the mastermind behind the website, and her list of credentials includes many books about wine & food pairings.

2. Platings and Pairings

The next food and wine blog that I love is called Platings and Pairings. This site was created by Erin, a 30-something who loves to cook, drink wine, and hang out with her adorable Labradoodle.

The site has meals that can be made in 30 minutes or less, and you can also find an impressive list of which foods work with which wines, organized by wine type. The site is simple to navigate, so you will find your evening pairings in no time.

3. Wine Folly

Wine Folly is a team of wine lovers who have been creating videos, articles, and educational courses about wine since 2011. They have since branched into making wine books, but their blog is still regularly updated the best of various wine types, the best wines of each year, and more!

If you want to find easy-to-understand information about the complexities of wine, Wine Folly is the site that you should be visiting!

4. VinePair

Infographics, etiquette, DIY and more: VinePair offers a unique approach to the world of wine and accompanying foods that you might otherwise never be privy to.

My favorite part of VinePair is definitely the Longform section of the site, where detailed research articles bring the political and social aspects of wine and food to life. You can find interesting pieces about things like how Chile’s background affects their current wine status and reviews of wine-related books.

5. Food & Wine

The blog Food & Wine has captured the name that comprises everything you are looking for: food and wine! This site is affiliated with the popular Food & Wine magazine, but they got their start online at this blog and have continued to maintain a strong online presence.

The best part of this blog is, without a doubt, the “Around The World” area, where global creators are highlighted for sharing Food & Wine content. This gives you a unique perspective on how food and wine are viewed around the world, teaching us all something special.

6. Natalie MacLean

When Natalie MacLean started her blog about wine, writing her own reviews, I doubt she ever dreamed that she would create the wine review paradise that her site currently houses.

Not only can you find hundreds of reviews by Natalie herself, but members of the site are also able to post their own reviews, giving you a more balanced perspective of each wine.

The site is also home to a very useful vintage chart that can help you to quickly and efficiently identify which years were good for which wines.

7. Steve’s Wine & Food Blog

Don’t let the simple design of Steve’s Wine & Food Blog fool you. While kid-like in design, the content here exceeds that of some of the most dedicated wine and food lovers. You can search pairings by foods or by wines, so no matter where you prefer to begin, you can find the perfect combination.

Steve has loved wine since the 1970s, and his personal collection of wines from around the world numbers of 1,000 bottles.

8. Easy Food & Wine

Easy Food & Wine does exactly what it advertises. This site uses an easy-to-understand to teach you about wine pairings, the history of wine, types of wine, cooking tips, and even gift ideas for the food and wine lover we all know.

Easy Food & Wine has also devoted time to creating content about visiting wine country, every wine lover’s dream! Travel beyond your usual with Easy Food & Wine.

9. Wine And Good Food

The next blog to check is called Wine And Good Food, and they’ve got both things they advertise! Bella and her husband Brandon created the blog to document their food and wine adventures, and we’re lucky enough to be part of the journey.

While their site can be a bit difficult to search and navigate, the tags can help you find impressive reviews, such as the large number of Sonoma Valley posts you can find here.

10. Social Vignerons

Social Vignerons is a social heavy blog that is aimed at connecting and educating wine lovers of all experience levels as they go on their wine journey. From interviews with wine connoisseurs to infographics explaining the parts of wine you should know, they’ve got it all.

Particularly useful are guides like this one, The Beginner’s Guide To How To Decant Wine. If you are passionate but still new to the world of wine and food, turn to Social Vignerons for your education.

11. Wine Turtle

Wine Turtle aims to enjoy the world of wine at a turtle’s pace to ensure that they get the best of every moment without rushing through it. Isn’t that something we all can aspire to do more of? Their blog is aimed at wine beginners who want to learn without feeling overwhelmed.

My particular favorite part of their blog are the reviews they post about fun wine accessories such as wine purses or cork decor. You won’t find these types of fun posts on many wine blogs that take themselves too seriously!

12. Tim Atkin

Tim Atkin is an award-winning wine writer with over 31 years of experience doing things like co-chairing the International Wine Challenge and writing for an impressive list of wine-related magazines.

The “CorkTalk” section of Tim’s blog is where you will find the A to Z’s of wine: grapes, soils, tasting, vintages, restaurants, and more are all organized here. Learn everything you need to know through his insightful reviews.

13. 1 Wine Dude

Next up on this extensive list of the best food and wine blogs is 1 Wine Dude, who is, just one wine dude! He aims to give you serious and useful information without being too serious. The wine industry is apt to take itself too seriously, and 1 Wine Dude hopes to make knowledge more accessible.

The most popular posts from this blog can all be found here. Joe hopes that his site - built for intermediate wine lovers - will provide you with edu-tainment about food & wine.

14. A Wine Story

In A Wine Story, Marisa D’Vari takes you on her journey as she visits the fine wine world, the creators, and shares it all with us. Her site is organized by region, so you can find reviews of any place in the world that Marisa has traveled!

Marisa’s blog has some useful resources such as a page about Wine Books and another where you can see what restaurants in NYC are BYOB.

15. Bigger Than Your Head

Fredric Koeppel, the man behind Bigger Than Your Head, balances his love for good food and good wine with a healthy amount of skepticism that keeps his reviews pleasantly realistic.

Fredric has shared with us, his fellow wine lovers, over 280 “Wine of the Day” variety posts, so you can expect to find information about dozens of wines that you’ve never heard of on Bigger Than Your Head. Critically experience the wines with Fredric!

16. DoBianchi

The next blog is DoBianchi, a site created by Jeremy Parzen to give a human perspective and touch to the food and wine world. His blog is aimed at giving a true education to Italophiles and Italians when much of the writing about Italy’s gastronomic culture in the last 20 years has been untrue.

If you plan to go on a wine trip to Italy, Parzen has created a fantastic Italian wine word glossary that is sure to help you on your journey.

17. The Journey Of Jordan

The Journey Of Jordan is a blog created by winemakers Tom and Sally Jordan, a family that has spent the last four decades creating delicious wine in the Alexander Valley.

My favorite aspect of the Jordan wine blog is the behind-the-scenes look it gives you at how wineries tackle the world of creating, selling, and maintaining their wines. These posts, and accompanying photo essays, help you imagine what it’s like to be a key part of the winemaking world.

18. Lynmar Estate

The Lynmar Estate blog is another great example of a winery making a very useful and insightful food and wine blog for their customers, and friends around the world, to enjoy.

So far, my favorite part of this blog has been the Fire - Ear - Air - Water blog series which introduces the passion they put into the wines they create. Beyond talking about their own business, Lynmar also shares unique pairings like popcorn (yes, popcorn!) on their blog.

19. The Real Wine Julia

The Real Wine Julia was founded by, you guessed it, a woman named Julia with a passion for wine in her home state of Oregon. After running a local Oregon wine bar for years, she discovered her passion for bringing wine to life through her words and her photographs, The Real Wine Julia was born.

I love exploring the Best Of Oregon section of Julia’s blog. I’ve never tasted an Oregon wine, but her local perspective brings the local industry to life in my mind. If you’ve ever wanted to explore a new wine country, consider Oregon, and let Julia be your guide on this new journey!

20. Another Wine Blog

Another Wine Blog is...well, another wine blog! They would have liked their name to be Another Wine, Food, Beer, and Travel Blog, but agreed that’s just too long! They maintain that the allure of loving wine should remain mysterious, but all it takes is a little knowledge to join the world of wine lovers. There’s no secret there!

A great thing about this blog is the focus on not only wine but on the food that pairs well with it. While traveling to many locations in the US (including Charlottesville, Walla Walla, Sonoma, and more), they make an effort to cover not only the local wine but also the local cuisine which inspires and complements the wine’s taste.

21. Thirst For Wine

While the Thirst For Wine blog has developed over time, it is currently in my favorite stage. It has become a Daddy Wine Blog, and I never knew I needed something so special in my life. The blog, written by Robert, will bring your stories about life and kids from the perspective of a wine drinker.

The Just Wine section of Thirst For Wine has many unique and interesting posts, but my favorites have the be the wine book reviews, something I wish I could find more of online! Not only does this dad write about wine to share with you, but he also shares great books that can further your wine experience!

22. Luscious Lushes

Thea is the force behind Luscious Lushes, and she considers herself a wine, spirits, food, and travel blogger, which is true as you can find all of these delightful posts on her blog. In her professional life, she runs a consulting business aimed at helping the technological needs of the wine industry.

One of my favorite parts of Luscious Lushes are her posts about understanding wine regions and labels, something that many people find intimidating. Since Thea is learning about these things during her wine education, she has a lot of useful knowledge to share.

23. ManoaVino Taste

The final blog I’d like to introduce today is ManoaVino Taste, a blog that ran for over 10 years and wrote about all kinds of interesting and useful wine experiences that the owners had. Every post they share as they document their wine journey covers the wine, the food, and the place, so you can get ideas about where you want your next adventure to take you.

While ManoaVino is no longer regularly updated, you can find current work by these bloggers on their site In The Hudson Valley, their new blog which focuses less specifically on wine and more on their lives in the Hudson Valley. Still, they are wine lovers, so wine is often a topic of conversation on In The Hudson Valley!

Start Your Journey Online

The best way to get to know more about food, wine, and the world is to engage yourself with the world of food and wine lovers that exist online. There are hundreds of blogs out there that can introduce you to new things that you haven’t tried before.

Still, these 23 food and wine blogs stand out as the blogs that do the best job of keeping their readers in the know. If you want to be up to date on the latest news, read these top 23 blogs for the most insightful look into current trends of the food and wine world.

Do you have a favorite among these food and wine blogs? Let us know what you love in the comments, then share it with a friend who needs a good food & wine night out!

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