How To Select The Best Latte Machine (Top 5 of 2019)

As much as I love a good latte, going out every day to buy one at the cafe adds up, and sometimes, I just want a latte in the comfort of my own home! Investing in an espresso machine that can make lattes is a great option for coffee lovers like me.

To get the best latte machine on the market, take a look at some of my favorites. All of these latte machines perform well and make fantastic tasting drinks. Let’s take a look!

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What Matters In A Latte Machine?

In the simplest of terms, a latte is an espresso with frothed milk. When you make a latte from a capsule, it’s often just a creamy concoction of coffee and milk. If you’re shopping for a latte machine, you will want to choose one that has the following features to ensure you get something delicious in every cup!

Clarity Of Controls


One of the most important things to consider when choosing a latte machine is how easy it is to understand the control functions.

I remember going into the office at a new job once and having no idea how their capsule-based latte machine worked. I was given some capsules as a welcome gift but could not figure out how it was supposed to work.

Using a latte machine should be relatively intuitive. Of course, reading your user manual will give you the most comprehensive overview of how to use the machine to it’s fullest potential, but you should be able to look at a machine and have an understanding of how it works immediately.

If the machine takes hours of reading just to understand how to use it, it’s probably not the right choice!

Make Sure It Froths The Milk!

There are some coffee makers that simply warm the milk and mix it with very basic coffee. This is not a latte; it is a cafe au lait. While this can be delicious, and you are likely to be disappointed in the flavor if you are looking for a latte.

When you are choosing a machine, make sure that it does more than warm the milk. You want it to froth or steam the milk in some way to give milk the light, airy texture that makes a latte, a latte!

There are different kinds of frothing - it can be done within the machine, in a separate frother, or alongside the coffee. Any type of frothing is good frothing!

Automatic Or Two-Piece Set?


Speaking of frothing and different types of frother, consider whether you want one machine that makes coffee and froths the milk all at once to automatically create a latte, or if you’re okay with a two-step process.

Some automatic machines froth or steam milk while the espresso base is being administered into your cup. Then, the two are combined and you get a cup of coffee. Sometimes it’s all done in one big step! Either way, these machines automatically create a latte.

Other machines require a two-step process. On one machine, you might make your espresso from beans or from a capsule. In a separate milk frother, you would turn on the milk frother to get steamy milk that you can then combine with your espresso to make a delicious latte.

This is just one example of how to use an automatic frother that is separate from the coffee making machine:

Customization Options

One of the nicest parts about having a latte machine is being able to customize it to remember your favorite latte settings!

You can set it to remember your favorite grind settings, temperature settings, and strength preferences. Every time that you want a latte, all you’ll need to do is push a button and be on your way!

Some machines have customization options, but they do not save them, so you have to set them again each time. If you want to be able to customize your drinks regularly, check that the latte machine you choose can save your favorite drink settings to save you time in the morning.

Capsules Or Beans?


You’ll need to decide how you want the coffee for your latte to be made. Are you okay with capsule based flavor, or do you want to use freshly ground beans? There are a lot of options when it comes to espresso and coffee, so this will be a huge deciding factor in which type of latte machine is right for you.

There are a few different types of machines:

  • Capsule only
  • Capsule and ground coffee combination
  • Ground coffee only
  • Whole bean and ground combination
  • Whole bean coffee only

Each of these machines handles the coffee differently and makes a different cup of coffee. Chose the machine that fits your preferences best.

Optional: Adjustable Cup Tray

A great feature that I’ve really come to appreciate on latte machines is the adjustable cup tray. Now, I’ll start by saying that there are very few machines on the market that have this feature. But that doesn’t mean it’s any less useful!

Most latte machines are made to brew into a mug and nothing else. Machine’s that have adjustable cup trays will allow you to use bigger cups, smaller cups, any cups!

This kind of versatility isn’t needed by everybody, but if you like to have a cup of coffee at home in the morning before making a cup of coffee to go, I would advise you to look for a latte machine that can accommodate different sizes of cups.

Top 5 Best Latte Machine Choices

1. Mr. Coffee BVMC-EL1 Cafe Latte


This is by far one of the easiest latte makers to use. All you do is put ground coffee into the coffee carafe, add milk, and you’re ready to go! It will froth up a delicious pitcher of cafe latte that you can enjoy in no time. The frothing mechanism in this setup works very well to make for a frothy beverage that you’ll love.

On top of all that, it’s quiet, quick-to-clean, and finishes making lattes very quickly. When you want an easy latte in the morning, this is the answer.



  • Can make multiple drinks at one time
  • Very easy to use
  • Also includes recipes for hot chocolate and other drinks
  • Powers off automatically
  • Makes lattes in one-step
  • Fast & easy
  • Compact size fits on any countertop
  • Cannot make directly into mug
  • Carafe is not dishwasher safe
  • Drinks are not hot enough
  • Only fills one travel mug
  • Cannot make black coffee with this

2. Nespresso Pixie Espresso Maker With Aeroccino Plus Milk Frother


This setup requires two pieces of equipment which is why some people won’t even consider it, but it is definitely one of the best ways to make a latte at home. The Aeroccino can make steamed or frothed milk, so no matter how airy you like your milk, you can make a delicious latte.

Nespresso has the widest variety of capsules available, and they really stand out above other capsules brewers when it comes to coffee quality. You’ll be able to make delicious lattes with great coffee flavor.



  • Uses Nespresso pods
  • Very small footprint; portable
  • AEROCCINO makes delicious, frothy coffee
  • Both pieces are easy to clean
  • Good looking machine to keep on the counter
  • Water reservoir is easy to fill
  • Both pieces are very durable
  • Simple, easy-to-understand controls
  • Platform the cup sits on is a bit cumbersome to use
  • Little bit loud
  • Pixie drips after making coffee
  • Doesn’t get hot enough

3. Nespresso VertuoLine Coffee and Espresso Maker with Aeroccino Plus Milk Frother


Another great machine from the Nespresso line is the VertuoLine Coffee and Espresso maker. This one also comes with the same amazing Aeroccino Milk Frother as the Pixie comes with. This machine also takes pods, and you can make both coffee and espresso-based drinks with it.

The lattes that this machine makes are highly customizable, and I love the size of the water reservoir on this machine. You won’t have to be filling it up constantly, and the milk container is removable so you can put it right in the refrigerator. It’s easy to use, and that’s a huge part of why I love it!



  • Great variety of Nespresso capsules available
  • Comes with great milk frother, the Aeroccino
  • Can make both coffee and espresso bases for your latte
  • Heats up very quickly
  • Can make 2 different cup sizes
  • Contemporary look
  • Doesn’t get very hot
  • Inconsistent between brews
  • Noisy while operating
  • Automatic shut-off is not reliable

4. DeLonghi Silver Lattissima Plus Nespresso Capsule System


This compact machine will make your latte for you in one-touch without any difficulty. All you have to do is slide the milk tank in, push a button, and your latte will be ready in no time! I love how convenient that is.This machine offers automation, and that’s what you get from it. The water tank is so large that you don’t have to refill it very often. The used capsule container is also quite large, so you don’t have to empty it too often.



  • Easy-to-use
  • Large used capsule container
  • Can dispense warm milk on its own
  • Uses Nespresso capsules, which come in a wide variety
  • Used coffee pods are recyclable
  • Makes a drink very quickly
  • Drip tray needs to be cleaned out often
  • Milk and coffee is not hot enough
  • Water occasionally leaks from the bottom of the machine
  • Can be tricky to program

5. Nespresso D75-US-SI-NE Prodigio With Milk Espresso Maker


This coffee machine creates high-quality, strong tasting espresso based drinks in a very short amount of time. This has an integrated Aeroccino that can make both hot or cold milk froth for a variety of drinks.

This machine can even be used with your phone - it syncs up via bluetooth, and you can program your favorite drink to brew at a certain time every day. Who doesn’t want their coffee to be waiting for them in the morning? It’s really convenient, even if it seems like overkill. You’ll end up loving it!



  • Aeroccino milk frother is a high-quality frother that works very well
  • Programmable options allow for easy customization
  • Foldable drip tray allows you to use different cup sizes
  • 27 oz. water tank is very large; doesn’t need to be refilled often
  • High-pressure pump creates strong coffee
  • Only uses the Nespresso original capsules; cannot use the VertuoLine capsules
  • Milk does not get hot enough
  • Brews inconsistently
  • Can only keep one drink programmed at a time
  • Not a very durable machine considering the price point
  • App has connectivity issues

Get Ready To Make Yourself A Latte

It’s simple once you have the right equipment. Invest the time to choose out a great machine, and you’ll be making delicious lattes at home.

To me, the best latte machine of these top 5 choices is definitely the Mr. Coffee BVMC-EL1 Cafe Latte. It makes the process of making a frothy, coffee and milk drink easily, and there aren’t multiple steps involved. This durable piece of kitchen equipment will make you yummy treats for years to come.

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