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17 Day Diet Recipes: Exciting Meals To Revitalize Your Diet!

Are you feeling the diet drain?

This is the phrase I use to refer to how it feels when you’re a few weeks into a diet and just can’t seem to get yourself to feel content or motivated about your new, healthy eating plan. To help give you some motivation on how to get back into the happy diet swing of things, I’ve put together these 17 day diet recipes.

This is not a full diet plan, but simply gives you one healthy recipe per day that you can try for 17 days to help feel excited about dieting again. Here we go!

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The Best Delicious Kona Coffee K Cups Of 2019 (Don’t Miss #5)

K cups come in hundreds of different flavors, and you can bet that I have a very large supply of different flavors at home! From ciders to dark roast coffees, I’ve pretty much tried it all.

One of my favorite types of coffee I have come across while trying out different K cups is Kona coffee, but I’ve realized that figuring out which are the best Kona coffee K cups isn’t as easy as I thought it would be.

If you want to try a flavorful coffee in your next K cup purchase, give these Kona coffee K cups a try!

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The Top 7 Low Acid Coffee K Cups Of 2019 (#3 Is My Favorite!)

For anyone who can’t drink very acidic coffee, finding the right K cups can be a nightmare. The market for low acid coffee K cups is fairly limited, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t options out there.

If acid causes you to deal with heartburn, ulcers, or other acid reflux related problems, check out these seven amazing low acid coffee K cups. Hopefully, one of them will stand out to you as the right choice. If you have problems with the regular level of acid in K cups, try these K cups instead.

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Simple Liquor: How To Make Rhubarb Gin

Rhubarb gin, rhubarb gin and tonics, rhubarb gin ginger ale - all these drinks are delicious specialties you might think you can only get at the bar.

But is that the truth? No!

It’s actually possible to make your own rhubarb-based drinks at home for much less money, and you might not even realize how easy it is to do! If you can get rhubarb, you can make these delicious drinks for yourself, and your friends might even start to think you’re a world-class bartender!

I’ll walk you through the steps in a simple way so it doesn’t get confusing - don’t worry. You’ll be making these drinks in no time!

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How Many Ribs In A Rack? Everything You Need To Know About Ribs

If you’re checking out this article, you might have a burning question that you’ve been embarrassed to ask. Don’t worry: I was wondering the same thing just a few weeks ago!

How many ribs in a rack? How many ribs in half a rack? Is it always the same?

These things might seem trivial if you’ve never prepared a rack of ribs at home, but it’s good to know what to expect when you are ordering or cooking ribs. After all, no one wants to get ripped off when they make their purchases!

I’ve found out what we need to know about ribs and how many to expect in a rack. Keep reading to find out!

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The Best Way To Reheat Wings: 3 Styles For Success

Wings are delicious, no matter what type of sauce or rub you like them with. From BBQ to plain, wings are crispy, crunchy, moist, and oh-so-delicious.

What is not always delicious is wings that are reheated in the following days. For a long time, I couldn’t figure out how to reheat wings so they would actually taste good. I started tossing out any wings that I couldn’t finish on the first day, and I hate wasting food! I needed to find a way around this problem because I can’t always finish all my wings at once.

So, I learned some different ways to reheat wings, and let me tell you that these three ways of reheating wings are so much better than what you’ve been doing. Find the best way to reheat wings in this article, and give it a try!

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A Vegan-Free Almond Panna Cotta Jelly You MUST Try!

Have you ever heard of a panna cotta? This deliciously fancy dessert has caught the eyes of many. Known as the perfect dessert for adults who love jelly, panna cotta has the consistency of pudding but with the richness of pudding mixed with fruit and cream. I mean, who doesn't like creamy jello, its sweetness running down your mouth with subtly sour or savory flavors such as fruits or almonds?

So I decided to go all out and fancy, creating small hard of almond panna cotta jelly for my next potluck. And it was a huge hit! That's why I want to share my easy recipe to follow. And though I adore baking, I made sure that this dessert recipe is so easy you won't need an oven!

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6 Reasons You Should Be Drinking Green Tea Before Bed

Green tea is a super food, but many people don’t realize that when you drink it could matter just as much as if you drink it at all! In fact, drinking green tea before bed gives your body a boost that you can’t get anywhere else.

Let me break down six great reasons that you should give drinking green tea before bed a try. You won’t regret it!

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How To Cook Polish Sausage The Authentic Way: 3 Easy Steps

Cooking Polish sausage might seem like a feat, but once you learn how to cook Polish sausage, you’ll find out that it isn’t hard at all. Once you know how, this meal may even become a weekly staple in your home because of how easy it is to make!

Polish sausage, also known as Kielbasa, is often boiled and then pan fried, but this isn’t the only way to prepare this fresh meat.

Today I’ll break down the simple steps about how to prepare Polish sausage so that you won’t have to wonder about how to do it any longer.

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