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17 Day Diet Recipes: Exciting Meals To Revitalize Your Diet!

Are you feeling the diet drain?

This is the phrase I use to refer to how it feels when you’re a few weeks into a diet and just can’t seem to get yourself to feel content or motivated about your new, healthy eating plan. To help give you some motivation on how to get back into the happy diet swing of things, I’ve put together these 17 day diet recipes.

This is not a full diet plan, but simply gives you one healthy recipe per day that you can try for 17 days to help feel excited about dieting again. Here we go!

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Get Spooky With These 11 Halloween Party Food Ideas!

One of my favorite holidays of the year is coming up quickly: Halloween! Not only do I love getting dressed up, but I also love preparing festive treats for my family, friends, and anyone else who dares enter my haunter establishment.

Just kidding! My house isn’t really haunted, but I did decorate it to look like a creepy old house this year.

If you’re having a Halloween get together, it can be hard to decide what to make. I’m here to share 11 of my favorite festive treats. Let’s go!

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The Top 23 Food And Wine Blogs: Experience The World With Wine

While there’s something to be said about going out into the world and experiencing food and wine for yourself, there’s also something amazing about living the world through some of the best food and wine blogs on the internet!

To get the best passionate views about food and wine and learn more about aspects of the world you haven’t seen before, you need to check out the top 23 food and wine blogs around. These blogs will make you inspired, intrigued, and most importantly, hungry for a new adventure!

Let’s explore the top 23 blogs as well as a little bit about each one of the blogs.

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