Do You Know The Cheapest Time To Go To Jamaica?

Everyone deserves a vacation, right?

Sometimes it can be difficult to believe that’s true because vacation can seem too difficult to possibly afford. But don’t let that stop you from going on the trip of a lifetime - there are ways to make sure that you can afford a fantastic trip.

One place I have always wanted to go but thought was too expensive to reach is Jamaica. But just like any other vacation destination, there are cheaper times of year when you can visit Jamaica and have a fantastic trip!

Let’s look at when the cheapest time to go to Jamaica is, and what you should consider when planning your trip!


When Does Jamaica Have The Best Weather?

The high season in Jamaica is from December through April. This is when the weather is the nicest and most consistent, and you will find that trips can get very expensive if you try to travel during this time!

Here’s a quick video about the weather in Jamaica:

What Is The Average Temperature In Jamaica?

Jamaica is one of those beautiful places where the weather is consistent nearly year round! The average temperature year-round is usually between 75F – 88F.

Even though the coolest months are December, January, and February, you won’t feel much of a difference from then to the warmer months. The temperature starts going up in March, and it is the hottest in July.

Even though the temperature is great year round, there are other things you should consider before booking your trip!

When Is Rainy Season And Hurricane Season?

Two times of year you will probably want to avoid going to Jamaica, even if it’s very cheap, is during hurricane season and rainy season. During both of these times of the year, you could have very bad weather during your whole trip.

Even if a trip is really cheap, it isn’t worth it if you can’t enjoy it!

Rainy season is mostly in May and June, but you can also find a lot of rain in Jamaica from September to November.

Hurricane season is from June through November, and even if a hurricane never hits, it rains a lot in the summer, leading to hot and humid conditions that most tourists will not enjoy.

When Should I Go To Jamaica If I Want To Save Money?

The key to having a fun, money-savvy rip when flying to Jamaica is to choose a time when the weather will be good, but it isn’t the best weather of the year.

Usually, this means booking your trip during the shoulder seasons. This means booking your trip as one season changes into another.

The end October into November - before the tourist season really picks up - can be a good time to travel for low prices. Because there is still a risk of hurricanes in these months, you can usually find a great deal. Always buy travel insurance when booking in shoulder season so you can reschedule your travel should a hurricane arrive!

Another great time of year to book travel is during April through early May. While rainy season officially starts in May, most tourists also shy away from April because of the potential for rain. You can book during this time for less money and still have a fantastic vacation!

What Should I Avoid When Booking Cheap Jamaica Trips?

Jamaica is one of those destinations where on- and off-season really makes a huge difference. While traveling at cheaper cost during shoulder season in April or November can be fine, you should avoid booking during the true off-season unless you are a prepared, seasoned traveler.

Many resorts, hotels, and businesses schedule repairs and downtime during the off-season. This means that many restaurants and shops are closed or under construction, and those rock-bottom deals that you find in the middle of the rainy season might be because there will be construction or other renovations going on.

It’s always great to save money, but be smart while doing so. If you’re inclined to take advantage of a cheap deal during the off-season, contact the restore or hotel before booking and ensure that the amenities you are interested in will be available.

How Else Can I Save Money On My Jamaica Trip?

Other than saving money on the hotel and flights by traveling in the shoulder season, you can also save money while enjoying your time in Jamaica!

The main thing that I recommend is to book your excursions in advance.

This means that if you want to go out on a jet ski or take a hiking trip, you book it all months before your trip and from home. The best deals that you can find on these types of activities can usually be found online, and you can guarantee a certain price and budget by doing this.

Another thing that you can book in advance to save money on your trip is your flight and hotels! Many hotels offer early-bird booking discounts if you book a year - or more - in advance. While it might sound crazy to plan a vacation so far in advance, this is how the smartest travelers save money!

Get To Jamaica - And Have A Great Time!

If you have always wanted to go to Jamaica but have been putting off this kind of trip because you thought it was too expensive, wait no longer! Now that you know the cheapest time to go to Jamaica, even you can go on the trip of a lifetime.

Booking a trip in April, early May, late October, or November is a surefire way to save money on your Jamaica trip. Then, make sure you book everything that you can in advance and online.

Having a great, inexpensive trip to Jamaica is completely possible, even if this area is a tourist hot spot. Plan smart, and you’ll have extra money saved to spend on your next amazing adventure.

Have more tips on how to save money in Jamaica? Comment below and share with your friends!

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