What Are The Most Effective Cookware? (Copper Chef vs Gotham Steel)

Having great cookware effects everything you do in the kitchen. When I first started cooking, I had no idea why I couldn’t cook anything without burning it. It was so frustrating!

My aunt came over one day, and I told her about my problems. After looking at my pots and pans, she assured me the problem was them, not me.

What I’m saying is cookware matters. Copper Chef and Gotham Steel are both great types of cookware, but which is better? Let’s look at the faceoff of Copper Chef vs Gotham Steel!


What Are Copper Chef Pans?

Copper Chef pans became very popular after an infomercial about them went viral:

These pans are high-quality nonstick pans that can be used in or on the oven, depending on what you are preparing. The pans are made with a copper base and have 100% real copper coating on the outside. The inside is lined with nonstick ceramic so you have an easy cooking experience.

You can get dozens of different types of pots and pans from Copper Chef. Many of them are oven safe to very high temperatures. The pans should not develop hot spots, and they are incredibly easy to use.

What Are Gotham Steel Pans?

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Gotham Steel pans take a different approach to high-quality heat induction and nonstick properties. These pans are made from stainless steel and titanium, and the insides are also coated with a ceramic nonstick surface.

The coating is infused with titanium, so it is even more durable than you might expect. You can use many different types of utensil on it, but I prefer to use silicone to make the surface last even longer.

These pans can be used in the oven at temperatures up to 500 degrees, and they are very easy to clean. You can even stick your Gotham Steel pans right into the dishwasher when you don’t feel like cleaning!

How Are These Pans Similar?

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Both of these pans are marketed as top of the line nonstick pans, and it’s true that they both have impressive nonstick properties. But they have even more similarities than just that.

Other things that you will find in common between these pans include:

Ceramic Coating: Both pans have an inner ceramic coating which helps prevent food from sticking

Solid heat conduction: Both pans are made of highly conductive materials which help to evenly spread the heat around the pan, preventing hot spots.

Dishwasher Safe: Unlike other more expensive pans, both of these pan types are dishwasher safe.

Oven Safe: While the degree is different, both Copper Chef and Gotham Steel pans are oven safe to some degree.

What Are The Differences Between Them?

Now that we’ve seen how they are similar, let’s check out how each of these pans are different.

Copper Chef is better for healthy cooking.

On this pan type, you can cook any type of food without any extra butter, oil or grease.

Copper Chef works on induction stove tops.

Gotham Steel pans do not.

Gotham Steel is scratch-resistant.

The ceramic nonstick coating is blended with titanium which makes it extra durable. You can use nearly any tool inside this pan without causing any damage.

Gotham Steel is more balanced in weight.

I’ve found that some Copper Chef pans are too heavy or too light, but every single Gotham Steel pan that I have used has the perfect weight balance. This makes them easy to use on the stove and to carry as needed.

Copper Chef pans are oven safe up to higher temperatures.

Copper Chef pans can be used at temperatures up to 850 degrees, but the limit for Gotham Steel pans stops at 500 degrees. Depending on your needs, this might not be hot enough.

Copper Chef pans tend to be more expensive.

While this is a general statement and can depend on when and where you buy them, I’ve found that most Copper Chef pans are more expensive than their comparable Gotham Steel counterparts.

The Winning Type Of Pan Is...

Really, it is impossible to say which type of pan is the winner in a Copper Chef vs Gotham Steel comparison.

Ultimately, it depends on if you care more about the nonstick properties or the durability of the pans. If you want more reliable nonstick properties and oven safety, go with the Copper Chef pans. I personally find the Gotham Steel pans to be more versatile, so I have more of them, but I also have a few Copper Chef pans.

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Which type of pans do you prefer? Let me know in the comments!

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