What Is The Best Goat Cheese Substitute? 8 Great Choices

Goat cheese is a unique ingredient that not everyone enjoys or keeps on hand in their kitchen. While its flavor is unique and can add a special touch to many recipes, some people would rather use a substitute.

But what makes for a good goat cheese substitute? Can you just simply use another type of cheese, or do you need to look for something else?

I’ve wondered these same things before...after all, I love goat cheese so much that I tend to eat it all before I get to make any new recipes!

Here’s some of the best information that I’ve gathered about how to successfully substitute for goat cheese.


How Can I Substitute For Goat Cheese?

There are many different cheeses out there that can be used as substitutes for goat cheese, but you’ll want to be sure that you substitute in a way that will be complimentary to the dish.

This means paying attention to whether you need to preserve the flavor of a dish or the texture that goat cheese brings to a dish.

To make your decision easier, I’ve divided my recommendations into those that make good texture substitutes, those that make good flavor substitutes, and those that work as general substitutes.

The Best Overall Substitute

If you want to make a great substitute that will replace both flavor and texture, then my recommendation will be to make your own yogurt cheese! This is easier to do than you might think, and all it really takes is some forethought.

Here’s how to do it:

  • Put a paper towel or cheesecloth on top of a mesh strainer.
  • Put the strainer on top of a bowl or measuring cup.
  • Mix low-fat yogurt with a little bit of salt and herbs to flavor (choose herbs that match the flavor profile of your recipe).
  • Pour over strainer, not quite reaching the top.
  • Fold the paper towel or cheesecloth so that it covers the top of the yogurt completely.
  • Put a small can or another weight on top of the yogurt to weigh it down.
  • Let it rest in the fridge for at least 24 hours. You can let it strain for up to 3 days.


There you have it! The result is a yogurt cheese that will hold up in flavor against other recipe elements while also having a great texture to mimic that of real goat cheese!.

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The Best Texture Substitutes

There are a number of different goat cheese substitutes that you can consider when you are aiming to replace the texture that comes with this type of cheese. These are the best substitutes to buy for most recipes.


Cottage Cheese

You can use nearly any type of cottage cheese as a replacement in many recipes. My preference is to use a dry curd cottage cheese and blend it until it is smooth. Perfect substitute!

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This type of cheese is typically made from sheep’s milk and makes a great substitute for the texture of goat cheese. While some people find the flavors to be similar, I wouldn’t call this a cheese that gives you the same flavor as goat cheese.


Cream Cheese

Cream cheese is probably the easiest and most readily available substitute for goat cheese. You can use it as a direct replacement, or, you can mix it with a bit of Greek seasoning to give the cheese more flavor.



Mascarpone cheese has a very smooth and creamy texture that will fit right in when a recipe calls for goat cheese! Keep in mind that mascarpone is a very sweet cheese that is usually used in desserts, so you should not use this substitute unless the dish can handle a little bit of sweetness.



When it comes to smooth, creamy cheeses, camembert always comes to mind. If the dish you are going to be making requires the cheese to be melted, this is a great choice. While camembert has a much more mild flavor than goat cheese, it is a great melting cheese.


Farmer’s Cheese

This type of cheese has been described as a mild cross between cream cheese and ricotta in flavor and texture. Considering ricotta and cream cheese both make good goat cheese substitutes, so is farmer’s cheese! You can also use this treat on bagels as a spread.

The Best Flavor Substitutes

Goat cheese has a distinct flavor that usually comes through in a dish, so you may want to choose another cheese that has a prevalent flavor when making a substitution.



The texture of feta and goat cheese are very different, but the flavors are both strong. If you like feta, consider using feta crumbles as a substitute for goat cheese crumbles. This substitution is best for salads.


Blue Cheese

If you’re looking for a flavorful cheese, then blue cheese is the way to go! While it’s much creamier than goat cheese while it’s young, you can get a firmer texture by going for aged blue cheese. Remember, however, that the flavor gets stronger as it gets older!


Fromage Blanc

Via foodandtools.com

This probably isn’t the easiest substitute to find, but it is worth mentioning. Both the texture and flavor of this cheese are similar to goats milk, but it can be a great substitute for those who don’t like straight up goat cheese. Still, your supermarket might not carry this option.

Substitute Away!

While I personally love goat cheese and try to always have it at home, I know that not everyone loves its distinct flavor. But don’t worry - you can use these goat cheese substitute options to still make any recipe that calls for goat cheese.

Do you like goat cheese, or are you looking for a substitute because you can’t stand the taste? Let me know your opinion in the comments, and then share this with fellow food-loving friends!

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