Best of The Best: Gotham Steel Pans Reviews (2019 Edition)

One of the most well-known pan companies in the world is Gotham Steel Pans. These pans are known for their quality, but finding high-quality Gotham Steel Pans reviews can be difficult, frustrating, and downright ridiculous.

For your convenience, I’ve put together the best of the best when it comes to Gotham Steel Pans. Check out my top 5 cookware sets for the best value around!

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How To Choose The Best Gotham Steel Pans

What Are Gotham Steel Pans?


Before you can decide what type of Gotham Steel pans you might want to try, we should go over what Gotham Steel pans are!

Gotham Steel pans a type of non-stick pan that is made from super strong titanium and has a ceramic surface. The titanium provides long-term durability while the ceramic surface is a non-toxic, non-stick surface that will help you expertly cook many different foods.

Generally speaking, they’re a high-quality pan that helps make the cooking process easier. Less time wasted fighting foods that won’t stop sticking, and more time spent enjoying the cooking process overall!

Why You Should Try Gotham Steel Pans


There’s a lot of different reasons that Gotham Steel pans are worth trying:

  • Not too heavy, not too light
  • Perfectly balanced
  • Low maintenance
  • Can be washed in the dishwasher
  • Made of non-toxic, safe materials
  • Non-stick surface easy to use and clean
  • Great for cooking healthy

I could go on and on about all the reasons you should try using a Gotham Steel pan, but the only way to really understand why it works so well is to give a try for yourself.

Another great thing about Gotham Steel pans is that while the nonstick coating will, of course, wear out over time, they keep their nonstick properties even with regular use:

The Benefits Of A Cookware Set Vs. A Single Pan


Once you’ve decided to get a Gotham Steel pan, you have to decide if you want to try a single pan or a full cookware set. If you’ve already tried a pan, there’s no reason not to go for the full set.

Still, there are pros and cons to buying a single pan and buying a full set.

Buying A Cookware Set

One great thing about buying a cookware set is that you can learn how to use that particular type of pan, and you will know how to work all of your pans in no time! Once you find a type of pan you like, there’s no reason not to stock up on that type.

Another nice thing is that cookware sets often come with every type of pan that you could need. This means that you don’t have to figure out which types of pans to buy; just buy the whole set!

On top of that, it’s a great deal to bundle pans together into a set instead of buying them piecemeal. When you buy pans individually, they tend to be more expensive than if you buy them as a set, so you are saving money this way, too.

Buying Single Pans

Some people prefer to buy single pans because they don’t know if they will like the pan or what they are looking for. I’ve found that buying single pans can lead to a lot of redundancy in the kitchen, but it can also help you when you need to buy a specific pan for a specific purpose.

Buying single pans is more expensive than buying them as a set, and you won’t always be able to find the exact pan you need.

How To Use Your Gotham Steel Pan


Learning to use your pan will have a learning curve, just like any other piece of cookware does. Still, there are some tips I can give you about what NOT to do with your pan to ensure that you have a successful cooking experience from day one.

When cooking with a Gotham Steel pan, avoid doing the following:

1. Do Not Overheat An Empty Pan

If you heat up the pan while there is nothing in it, you will be inadvertently damaging the nonstick surface. This can cause the nonstick to stop functioning in a very short amount of time, so be careful to avoid heating an empty pan for any longer than necessary.

2. Stop Using Abrasive Cleaners

You do not need to use a wire brush or very strong cleaners to clean a Gotham Steel pan. This type of cleaning will strip away the nonstick surface. Instead, use a mild detergent and a sponge. That will be enough!

3. Don’t Cut Anything Inside This Pan

It can be tempting to do so, but you should never cut food inside any pan, including a Gotham Steel pan! Doing so can risk damaging the surface of the pan, even if there is a nonstick or nonscratch finish on it. Nothing lasts forever - protect the pan while you can!

4. Don’t Use Cooking Spray

The Gotham Steel pan is a nonstick pan - you do not need to use a cooking spray, butter, or olive oil to prevent sticking. If you do, it can actually cook on the surface of the nonstick pan and cause permanent damage. Trust that the pan won’t let you food sticks, and cook without any spray.

Choosing A Set Of Gotham Steel Pans


Now that you’ve decided to get a set of Gotham Steel pans, it can still be a difficult task to decide which specific set of pans you want to try. Every set contains different pans inside, so you’ll want to think about what types of food you like to cook:

  • Do you want to deep fry foods?
  • Do you want to make sauces?
  • Do you want to saute?
  • Do you like to pan sear meats?
  • What types of pans do you use now?
  • What types of pans do you regularly wish you had?

Using your answers to these questions, you should be able to narrow down which pans you actually need in your kitchen.

If you still aren’t sure, my suggestion is to always start small. You can always buy more pans, but you don’t want to end up with 300 pans you never use. Trust me, I’ve seen it happen to many family members before!

The Top 5 Gotham Steel Pan Reviews 2017

1. Gotham Steel 12 Piece Copper Kitchen Set with Non-Stick Ti-Cerama Copper Coating


The first set of Gotham Steel pans to consider is this 12-piece set that includes nearly every pan you could need. Gotham Steel 12 Piece Copper Kitchen Set with Non-Stick Ti-Cerama Copper Coating really is the ultimate collection of Gotham Steel pans!

This set includes the following:

  • Gotham Steel 8.5" Fry Pan
  • Gotham Steel 10.25" Fry Pan
  • Lid for Gotham Steel 10.25" Pan
  • Gotham Steel 1qt Sauce Pan
  • Lid for 1qt. Sauce Pan
  • Gotham Steel 1.5qt Stock Pot
  • Lid for 1.5qt Stock Pot
  • Gotham Steel 2.5qt Stock Pot
  • Lid for 2.5qt Stock Pot
  • Gotham Steel 5qt Stock Pot
  • Lid for 5qt. Stock Pot
  • Aluminum Steamer Insert for 5qt Stock Pot

Impressive, right? No matter what you want to cook in the kitchen, you’ll have a pan that can work for you.

This set of pans really demonstrates how high of a quality Gotham Steel pans can be. When using the pans, you will notice that heat distributes very nicely. My favorite thing about these pans is that they are so easy to clean! Since they are nonstick, I don’t have to do much hard scrubbing, and they’re even dishwasher safe!


  • Huge variety of pans
  • Great value for the price
  • High-quality construction
  • Truly nonstick pans
  • Oven safe up to 500 degrees
  • Very easy to clean


  • None! I love this set!

2. Gotham Steel Titanium Ceramic 9.5” Non-Stick Copper Deep Square Frying & Cooking Pan With Lid, Frying Basket, Steamer Tray


If you’re more interested in frying than anything else, this set (the Gotham Steel Titanium Ceramic 9.5” Non-Stick Copper Deep Square Frying Pan 4 Piece Set) might be a great choice for you.

This set includes these pieces:

  • Deep Square Pan
  • Lid
  • Fry Basket
  • Steam Rack

Using these tools, you’ll be able to make a wide variety of different dishes! The key to using this successfully without any sticking is to use it over low heat and allow everything to heat gradually.

What I like most about this set is that is specifically tailored to a certain type of usage - frying and steaming! The kit gives you everything you need to do some frying or to steam your veggies, so you won’t have to figure out what pan to use.


  • Tailored 4-piece set perfect for frying and steaming
  • No sticking & no scratches
  • Cleans up very easily in dishwasher or by hand
  • Doesn’t boil over with the lid on
  • Handle doesn’t get too hot


  • Basket is very small compared to pan size
  • Food sticks if you use it over heat that is too high

3. Gotham Steel XL 11" Copper Deep Square All in One 6 Qt Casserole Chef’s Pan


Next up is a very similar set of four pieces, but the Gotham Steel XL 11" Copper Deep Square All in One 6 Qt Casserole Chef’s Pan- 4 Piece Set includes a much larger pan!

Like the previous set, this set includes the following pieces:

  • Deep Square 6-Qt Casserole Pan
  • Lid
  • Fry Basket
  • Steam Rack

The thing I love most about this set is that it also comes with a downloadable list of 50 recipes! While you might already know how to cook, I always think it is great when cookware comes with recipes to give you an idea of what type of dishes work best in your new pans.

Like most Gotham Steel pans, this set is dishwasher safe. If you want your pans to last even longer, however, I recommend hand washing them, as the dishwasher can very slowly break down the nonstick coating. It’s very easy to hand wash them since the surface is nonstick, so don’t worry about it being too difficult to clean.


  • Great on electric and gas stoves
  • Oven safe up to 500 degrees
  • Non-stick surface
  • 100% safe: PFOA, PTFE, and PFOS-free
  • Great for deep frying
  • Easy to clean with dishwasher or by hand


  • Does not work on induction tops
  • May develop some hot spots

4. Gotham Steel 6 Piece Ultimate Fry Pan Set with Lids


The next set of pans to review is a very practical set. The Gotham Steel 6 Piece Ultimate Fry Pan Set with Lids comes with three different must-have sizes of fry pans, and each has their own appropriately sized lid!

The three sizes are:9.5”11”12.5”These three sizes cover basically every base you need in the kitchen when you are cooking eggs, burgers, bacon, steak, or more! No matter what you want to cook, it won’t stick to this high-quality pan.

One thing I love about these pans is how durable I know they are, so I don’t have to worry about replacing them anytime soon. The materials are long-lasting, and I know these pans will be part of my kitchen for many years to come.

Like other Gotham Steel pans, the secret to using these pans most effectively and for a long time is to use them over a lower heat seating than you might usually use. Since these pans conduct heat very well, you don’t have to put the setting up too high.


  • Heavy duty construction
  • Lids fit pans very well
  • Nonstick surface lasts a long time
  • Easy to use
  • Works over low heat setting


  • Handle not very comfortable to carry pan with
  • Handles very thin

5. GOTHAM STEEL 10.5-inch Non-Stick Grill Pan with Ti-Cerama Surface


The final pan I’m going to cover today isn’t a part of a set, but this is the pan that I think you should buy if you are only ready to invest in one single pan today. The GOTHAM STEEL 10.5-inch Non-Stick Grill Pan with Ti-Cerama Surface is the most versatile pan you can get from Gotham Steel, so it’s the one you should try first if you aren’t ready for a full set just yet.

This pan has an extra-large cooking surface so you can prepare all sorts of different dishes in it, both on the stove top and in the oven. The cooking surface is 10.5 inches length x 10.5 inches. This surface is made from high-grade ceramic, so you don’t have to worry about sticking.

Because of the unique grill rivets on the bottom of this pan’s inside cooking surface, it can be used to make foods like burgers and steaks without them sitting in their grease, and thus it is a good choice for grilling healthy foods.


  • Very large cooking surface (10.5” x 10.5”)
  • Nonstick, high-grade ceramic surface
  • Great for grilling healthy meals’
  • Dishwasher safe


  • Not good for foods which need a flat bottom surface
  • Not compatible with induction surfaces
  • Not as function as a nonstick pan as the as the flat bottom pan version

Get Cooking With Gotham


Did you enjoy my Gotham Steel Pans reviews? I hope so! Each of these cookware sets has some unique aspects that I think could work well in every kitchen. Their quality will help them last for years no matter which set you choose.

Still, I have to say that one set stands out to me as the best deal, even though it is the most expensive! There’s just nothing like the Gotham Steel 12 Piece Copper Kitchen Set with Non-Stick Ti-Cerama Copper Coating. If you want your whole kitchen setup to be great, high-quality pans, this twelve piece set is what you need to try. Trust me.

Do you have a particular cookware set from Gotham Steel that stands out to you? Let me know in the comments! Depending on exactly which pans you’re looking for, I’m sure I can help you find the right set of pans.

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