6 Reasons You Should Be Drinking Green Tea Before Bed

Green tea is a super food, but many people don’t realize that when you drink it could matter just as much as if you drink it at all! In fact, drinking green tea before bed gives your body a boost that you can’t get anywhere else.

Let me break down six great reasons that you should give drinking green tea before bed a try. You won’t regret it!



#1 Burns Fat Away & Improves Digestion

Green tea is known for being a great metabolism booster, and taking green tea before bed is a great way to get your body working on burning fat way while you sleep.

Not only does green tea contain some ingredients that are known to help improve the metabolism, but it only contains one calorie per serving. You can drink a few cups without adding in unnecessary calories. Plus, the drink will help you feel full, preventing night time snacking.

On top of boosting your metabolism, green tea can help your body move digestion along more smoothly thanks to digestive compounds it contains. Some of these compounds even work as a laxative, making it a great way to solve constipation problems. Simply drink a cup before bed, and you’ll be able to go easily in the morning.

One more area of digestion that is improved by drinking green tea is your liver function. The liver is an important part of digestion as it helps to get rid of dangerous compounds in your body. Green tea helps your liver produce more enzymes that help remove toxins from the body.

By drinking more green tea, your digestion will be improved in many ways!


#2 Boosts Your Immune System

Another great thing about drinking green tea before bed is that it will help your immune system be stronger and work more effectively.

Green tea includes substances called catechins. Catechins are able to fight both bacterial and viral infections. By drinking green tea regularly, you’re giving your body more power to fight off infections that can leave you feeling weak, tired, or sick.

There are some studies that say you can lower your risk of getting a cold or even the flu by up to 70% simply by drinking a glass of green tea before you go to bed. Green tea contains a substance called EGCG which is responsible for this immunity boost. All it takes is a cup or two of green tea each day to see the benefits!


#3 Helps To Solve Bad Breath

Bad breath can be a problem for many people. This is because bacteria is able to grow in your mouth during the night, even if you brush your teeth and tongue regularly.

Since green tea contains catechins that fight bacteria, drinking green tea before you go to bed can help to fight any potential bacteria growth in your mouth. The catechins inhibit bacteria growth, so you don’t have to fight with regular bad breath in the morning any longer.

It’s not just bad breath that your nightly cup of green tea can help you with. Other dental can get worse if bacteria gets involved, so your bacteria-fighting tea can help you to prevent any mouth problems from getting worse.


#4 Improves Skin Condition & Signs Of Aging

Green tea is most often mentioned in the world of skin care. Why? Because it’s got great nutrients and antioxidants that help skin produce a radiant glow that everyone wants to achieve! Plus, these same antioxidants help to fight early signs of aging that can develop as we get older.

Since green tea improves blood circulation, it also helps your skin to do a better job of taking care of itself. As blood flow increases, redness can clear up, acne can heal better, and wrinkles are less likely to develop. Green tea is able to fight a number of skin problems in just a few sips before bed!


#5 Reduces Risk Of Dangerous Disorders

Experts have said that drinking a cup of green tea before bed not only helps your body heal itself more effectively, but it also reduces your risk of developing a number of dangerous diseases.

First, it can help your body prevent itself from getting cancer. This is because green tea encourages natural cell growth. Specifically, drinking green tea before bed can help to prevent breast, colorectal, and prostate cancer from occurring.

Another disorder that green tea helps fight is type II diabetes. This condition is caused when blood sugar levels cannot be properly regulated. Green tea helps to balance and maintain blood sugar levels, making it a great way to fight diabetes.


#6 Better Sleep For A Better Day!

How well you sleep can have a huge effect on how you spend your next day, so getting a good night’s rest is very important. Thankfully, drinking a cup of green tea before bed can help you to sleep better!

Green tea contains many useful amino acids. One of them is known as l-theanine. This amino acid can help to calm nerves, reduce stress, and help you get a better night of sleep.

When you can sleep better, you will feel better every day!

On top of containing L-theanine, green tea is also usually taken warm. Warm drinks are known to make people somewhat drowsy. This means that you can fall asleep easier and wake up feeling more energetic simply by drinking a cup of green tea before you lay down to bed.

Grab The Power Of Green

Get your body going with green tea by drinking green tea before bed! You can improve your metabolism, fight wrinkles, and more all while you sleep by simply enjoying this power drink before you hit the hay.

Do you have any other reasons you love drinking green tea? Let me know in the comments; I want to hear what you think about this miracle drink!

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