What Is The Right Griddle Temp For Pancakes? All You Need To Know.

A few days back, I and my best friend first time tasted the pancakes of our university's food court. You can't imagine that how tasty and delicious those pancakes were. They were properly placed on the plate, perfectly thin, crispy, golden brown color and with fine edges.

After the above incident, we decided to take out the secret behind cooking such good pancakes. But how will that be possible?


Well! We went to the owner of the food court (Miss Mary) and asked her to share the method of cooking perfect pancakes so that we could also tell our mom about that. Initially, she was not willing to reveal, but when we asked her with our sad and innocent faces, then she started to get ready to share her recipe with us.

According to Miss Marry, the good pancake can only be cooked if you cook with accurate heat, perfect timing and by maintaining the correct temperature of the griddle. She also told us that griddle temp for pancakes varies from model to model.

Thus, it is not necessary that the the temperature which she cooks the pancakes at must be followed by everyone.

In the below article, I am sharing the all relevant information that is important for maintaining the right griddle temp for pancakes. Besides this, I will also discuss some important tips and points which were told by Miss Marry to us regarding the cooking of pancakes.

Types Of Griddle For Cooking Pancakes

As we were told, there are mainly three types of griddle that are available in the market:

Gas Griddles

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A gas griddle is generally run on the propane (LPG) or natural gas. This type of griddle is quite reliable and efficient. Some of its costly models come with extra accessories like electronic ignition or safety pilot.

Electric Griddles

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The second category is of electric griddle which runs on the certain voltages. The power of the electric griddle can vary from 120 volts to 240 volts. They usually do not need rigid wiring or any strong power supply source at your home.

Countertop Griddles

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The next category is of countertop griddles which might be used with the help of a power source or a gas. They comprise of central heat sources for the distribution of heat. The feature of thermostatic control is also given in some models.

What Is The Best Griddle Temp For Pancakes?

The best griddle temperature for pancakes is somewhere in the middle of 375 degrees F to 390 degrees F.

If you have an electric griddle at your home then, you must preheat it for at least 10 minutes to attain the appropriate functioning temperature.

Tricks Of Cooking Perfect Pancakes At Right Temp

The following are the few tricks which you can follow to make perfect pancakes at right temp on the griddle:

  • The batter or the paste which you prepared for making pancakes must be thinner.
  • Whether you are using oil or butter, the greasing of the griddle should be correctly done.
  • The griddle needs to be heated in advance before you pour the batter on it.
  • ​When one side of the pancake is cooked completely, then you can flip it to the other side after checking.
  • Do not touch the pancake immediately after flipping because if you do so then it will mislay the pancake’s’ bubbly texture.
  • Do not get depressed if your first pancake does not cook well. I also have to spoil a couple of pancakes before making the right one at accurate temperature with exact grease.

I am sure that once you get successful, you will surely make your family happy with your unique homemade pancakes.

Things To Consider While Cooking Perfect Pancakes

There are some must-do's which you should know before cooking perfect pancakes every single time:

  • One of the significant things is to mix both types of ingredients of the pancakes i.e. wet and dry separately in a bowl before mixing them together.
  • If you have an electric griddle, then the appliance with the temperature control feature will be a good option.
  • The temperature of the electric griddle must be raised to 375 degrees F during the preheating process. Later on, you can decrease it to 360 or 370 for maintaining right griddle temp for the pancakes.
  • If you have a gas griddle then it should be placed over the medium heat.
  • The batter of the pancake must rest on the griddle for 4 to 17 minutes before you start cooking.
  • ​A 1/4 size of the cup is appropriate for making good-sized pancakes.
  • If your pancakes are very droopy to flip,they are not cooked completely.
  • When you are about to flip, always decrease the heat first.

Things To Avoid While Making Perfect Pancakes

The following things must be avoided when you are cooking pancakes:

  • You should never over mix the pancake’s batter as it can make them hard.
  • The griddle should not be too hot as it can burn your pancake.
  • The butter must not be added until your griddle gets preheated.
  • ​Don't go overboard with butter or shortening. One tablespoon is enough for 12-16 pancakes. Or leave it out entirely.
  • Don't push down your pancakes when they are getting cooked on the griddle.
  • There is no need to do multiple flipping of the pancakes during the process of cooking.


It is true that knowing the griddle temp for pancakes can also be recognized once you have some experience. It does not matter that which type of griddle you are using, but you must keep testing with dissimilar batter consistencies as well as the heat levels at which you cook.

Miss Marry also becomes the perfectionist in cooking pancakes after some failures.

She said that “it takes around 3 or 4 pancakes before your griddle acquires to the perfect grease and temperature. However, once it happens, you will surely turn out to be a winner in making impeccable pancakes for yourself and also for your family members every morning”.

Did you find this post useful? If so let me know! Feel free to leave me a comment with your thoughts on the post. I would love to hear from you.

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