Choosing The Best Keurig Coffee Maker: Top 8 of 2019

I love making coffee at home, but I’ve learned that your coffee making equipment has a huge effect on how tasty your homemade drinks will be.

One of the best ways to make a quality cup of coffee is to use a Keurig machine, but you want to make sure you get one of the best Keurig coffee maker choices. There are dozens of different Keurig models, and learning the difference between them can be incredibly confusing.

Thankfully, some models are clearly better choices than others, so I can help you narrow down your selections. Let’s explore the top 8 models of 2017!

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What Is A Keurig?

Keurig coffee makers are a type of beverage brewing system that can be used at home, at work, and even in retail locations to make coffee and tea-based beverages.

While Keurig first launched in 1992, they didn’t skyrocket into popularity until well after 1998, when they first released their convenient pod brewing system. Since then, they have continued to make different models of home and office brewers that can be used to make convenient, quick, and tasty cups of coffee you cannot find anywhere else!

For an overview of different things Keurig can do, check out this short video:

How To Choose The Best Keurig Coffee Maker

Keurig coffee makers are very popular, and for that reason, there are many different models to choose from! There is a lot of overlap between the models on the market, so it can get very confusing to figure out which one will be best for you.

To make things easier, I’ve put together this guide. In this section, you can learn about how to differentiate between the Keurig coffee makers, which should make it easier to choose which coffee maker you want to try.

Why Are Keurigs Different?

Before we get into specifics, I want to cover a question I’ve been asked before: Why are there so many different models?

The simple answer is that each model appeals to a different and specific customer need. In an attempt to have a product for every coffee lover and every budget, Keurig has developed a lot of different models of their coffee makers.

As I already mentioned, many overlap in their base features, but you can definitely find differences between them that are notable and interesting. The model that works best for you might not be the one that your neighbor prefers, and that’s why it is important to learn about what you specifically want in your coffee brewer!

New Or Old? Which Is Better?

There isn’t a clear answer I can give you about if you should get a 1.0 Keurig model or a 2.0 Keurig model. They have different features and may accept different pod types, but one is not necessarily better than the other.

Generally speaking, I would recommend that you get a 2.0 Keurig, simply because these brewers have more of the updated technology that Keurig has been working on for the past ten years. So, you are likely to have a better coffee drinking and coffee tasting experience.

Counter Footprint


One thing that can vary widely between different models is how much space the Keurig coffee maker takes up on your counter. Every model will have a different footprint, and this will take up a different amount of space on your counter.

Check the dimensions of any Keurig machines that you are interested in. Make sure that you have enough space for it on your counter, and that it won’t be an eyesore. After all, kitchen appliances are as much about design as they are about functionality!

While Keurig machines are not as compact as other brands pod-based coffee makers, the single cup models have the smallest footprint of any Keurig and are the best choice for those who are hoping to keep their counters open.

Pods Accepted (and K Cup Availability)


Because the Keurig technology has developed over time, different Keurig machines use different pods. This means that you will have to buy specific pods that work with whichever machine you decide on.

The best Keurig coffee machine will be one that can accept as many different pod types as possible. I prefer models that can accept 2.0 version pods as well as 1.0 versions because then I don’t have to worry about checking them too carefully! But not every machine will take every type of pod, and that’s something you will just have to deal with.

No matter what type you use, you will also be able to find a reusable pod to put your own coffee grounds into, so you will never be stuck with only what flavors you can find at the store! If a model doesn’t have a reusable K-cup available for it, I recommend finding something else.

I have even used reusable pods to make use of pods that won’t fit my machine. Simple rip the top open, dump the contents into your reusable pod, and voila! You’ll be able to make that specific coffee in your machine.

Backward And Crossbrand Compatibility


Many Keurig models are made to only accepted Keurig branded pods. While it’s possible to find pods that will still work, there are models which actively work to not accept anything that isn’t made by Keurig.

While I can understand why they want to make sure you only use Keurig pods, it can be frustrating if you want to use a flavor that they don’t carry. I have even come across sales that only work on certain sized pods and those are never the pods that I need for my Keurig.

Additionally, some newer Keurig models can use old pods and some cannot. All of this information will be included with your machine, but it’s still a lot to keep track of if you’re a busy girl like me!

Again, it’s always important to know which types of pods your chosen model can use before purchasing anything. Make sure you know what you’ll be able to find at your store and what you won’t find.

Water Reservoir Vs. By Cup Brewing


Some Keurig coffee makers have a water reservoir, and some do not. What difference does this make in your brewing?

Put simply, the makers that have a water reservoir can brew larger cups of coffee, multiple cups of coffee between fills, and tend to be more convenient to use in a family where more than one person drinks coffee.

Also, the water can be heated up very quickly for multiple cups of coffee in quick succession. This helps the second, third, and fourth drinks to be even hotter than the first. Since water temperature is a common complaint when it comes to using at home brewing systems, having a system with a tank can be very convenient.

By-cup machines require you to pour the water into the system before brewing each cup. This can be frustrating for some users, but these machines tend to be smaller, so they might be a good choice depending on your circumstances. If you have a small kitchen or only brew one cup of coffee a day, by-cup machines are a great choice.

Choose which one works best for you. If you don’t mind having to fill up the water every time you want a drink, go for the single cup as they have a smaller footprint and tend to be less expensive than those with a water tank attached.

User Friendliness


Despite all being made by the same company, each model has its own way of functioning. This means that the settings, controls, and layout on each model may be different.

The best Keurig coffee maker will be easy to use and very user-friendly. This means that it will be simple to learn how to use the machine and brew your coffee. If the setup is too complex, you might not want to use the machine, so make sure that you find something that works for you and your family.

Also, check out what kind of video tutorials and instructions are available online. The instruction manuals for many Keurig models are a bit lacking, so being able to turn to other owners and learn some cool tricks for using your coffee maker most efficiently will be a good way to learn things.

Brewing Control


Another thing that differs widely between Keurig machines is how much control you have over the brew. On some machines, you can customize the water temperature, amount of water, and more while on simpler machines, you can only push a single, preset control.

If you have specific coffee tastes, you might want to choose a model that offers more variety in brewing options. By choosing a model like this, you can get the extra strength, size, and taste of coffee that you want.

Check out what buttons there are on the machine. Can you change the size of your drink? How about the strength or brew time? Find out what adjustments you can make, or if you simply put a pod in and leave the rest up to the machine. This could make all the difference in how your coffee tastes.

Hot Water Availability


Some Keurig models can dispense hot water by just pushing a button. If you like to make tea, oatmeal, or other treats that require hot water, this can be very convenient. No microwave or tea kettle will be required to get hot water!

Not every Keurig model has this, so remember to look carefully for this feature if it is something that you are interested in having with your coffee maker.

You might think “Oh, I can just skip putting a pod into the machine!” But that will not work on many machines. They are made to only work if there is a pod inside, so you have to make sure that the machine actually has a hot water function that you can use if you want to make other treats with your coffee maker.

Automated Descaling

Because there is a lot of water and other substances filtering through your machine at hot temperatures, there is a risk of buildup happening inside of your machine.

To prevent this, some Keurig machines have automated descaling options, which is a fancy way of cleaning this type of machine to make sure that it runs smoothly for a long time.

Simpler (and less expensive) Keurig models do not have a descaling feature, so you will have to do it manually. It’s not incredibly difficult to descale manually, but you will have to take some extra time, as shown in this video:

K Carafe Availability

Some newer Keurig models are able to use a larger carafe of coffee instead of the small pod, which allows you to brew larger batches of coffee.

If you usually brew twice in the morning or you have a few coffee drinkers in the house, this is a great way to make sure you don’t have to be standing at the machine and brewing over and over again each morning.

The carafe can brew up to 30 oz of coffee at one time, which is enough for about two medium-sized coffee mugs. Sounds great, right?


In addition to descaling your machine every once and awhile, you will also want to clean it. Not only does this prevent your machine from breaking down, but it also prevents any bacteria from growing in hidden parts inside the machine.

Every machine will have a different cleaning procedure. The easier it is to remove the parts, the easier it will be to thoroughly clean them. On some Keurig models, you have to actually unscrew and detach many complicated systems to clean it, so this can be too much for a new Keurig owner.

Check out what current Keurig users say about cleaning their machine. Is it easy, or is it difficult? Depending on what you’re willing to do and what they say, you may want to make some adjustments to which models you are considering.

Buy And Brew

The final thing I want to recommend you look for in a Keurig brewing machine might seem a little silly, but you’ll find out how important it is when you bring your first Keurig machine home:

Make sure that the initial setup process for your Keurig isn't too complicated. If you get frustrated using it on day one, you won’t want to use it at all. Trust me!I had a non-Keurig coffee brewer that I just couldn’t figure out once, and it actually led to me returning it and moving to another brand because I felt that if setting it up was that hard, it was going to be way too difficult to use.

Thankfully, I haven’t heard many horror stories from Keurig coffee maker users, but just be sure that you look over the initial setup process before committing to any machine.

The Top 8 Best Keurig Coffee Maker Options Of 2017

1. Keurig K250 Review


First up, let’s talk about the Keurig K250. This model is a single serve, programmable coffee maker that uses K-Cup pods to make coffee. It has strength control options, and it comes in a few different beautiful colors!

The K250 is one of the 2.0 Keurig models, so it has the most up-to-date technology in its price range, but it doesn’t have as many complex features as the more expensive K575 or K475. The higher the model number, the more complex it typically is.

I really love that this model has a touchscreen that you can use to decide how strong you want your coffee and how big of a cup size it should brew on. In fact, it comes with the K-carafe and K-mug brewing options and pods, so you can make different sizes of drinks that actually taste good. This was not possible in 1.0 models.

In total, there are four different sizes for K-cup, K-mug, and K-carafe, so there is a lot of flexibility in what you can create. There is no auto-brew or temperature control, but these features are not really necessary most home coffee drinkers.

Another nice thing about the k250 is that the water reservoir holds up to 40 oz, and it is attached to the back of the Keurig, which helps it have a smaller footprint in your kitchen. For compact kitchens, this is essential.

I hope that this Keurig k250 review has given you the information that you need to decide if this model is the right machine for you.


  • 2.0 model has updated technology
  • Flexible cup sizes and brewing options available
  • Smaller footprint than 1.0 models
  • Can brew large batches
  • Heats up very quickly


  • No auto-brew or temperature control options
  • Does not accept most non-Keurig K-cups

2. Keurig K575 Review


The Keurig K575 is another 2.0 model that you might want to consider when looking at the various Keurig coffee machines on the market. It can do more than the previously mentioned K250 model, but it is also at a higher price point to get those added features.

Other Keurig K575 reviews are quick to mention that the K575 is the most advanced Keurig machine out there, and while they’re right, I don’t think that information tells you enough about what this machine can actually do.

In addition to brewing different sizes of coffee, the K575 lets you brew those things at different, pre-specified temperatures so you can get an extra hot or less hot cup of coffee just by pushing a few extra buttons before you brew. Easy, right?

Another thing to love about this machine is that it offers hot water on demand for any drinks, soups, teas, and more that you might need some extra hot water for. I like to just drink hot water with honey and lemon when I’m feeling ill, and it’s possible to get that ready in no time with the K575.

The K575 has a large, color touchscreen that lets you know what the recommended settings are for each size and type of drink that you’re making while still allowing you to make changes to suit your personal preferences. You can save these preferences for later beverages as well. All-in-all, the K575 can do everything you need it to… and then some.


  • Offers custom temperature control and auto-brew settings
  • Hot water on demand feature
  • Large, color touchscreen makes customizing your brew easier than ever before
  • Strength, temperature, size, and more brew control settings
  • Can brew iced beverages


  • Can only use Keurig branded K-cups
  • Auto-brew cannot be used with single cups of coffee, only K-carafes
  • Not compatible with older K-cups

3. Keurig K55 Review


Now, let’s get into my Keurig k55 review! The Keurig K55 is a single-serve programmable K-cup coffee maker that some say has the best value for those who just want a single cup of coffee each day without any fuss. For no-fuss coffee, I can see how beneficial this Keurig coffee maker would be.

The water reservoir on this model has a sleek design, and it holds up to 48 ounces of water. This means that you can brew about 6 cups back-to-back after heating it up one time, which is good for those who want bigger cups or who have friends over for coffee and sweets.

The thing I love most about the K55 is how easy it is to use, maintain, and clean. Seriously. Some Keurig models get too complicated, but that is not the case with the K55. Cleaning is easy, and the instructions are fairly helpful in showing you exactly what needs to be done to your machine.

There are three different cup size options when you use the K55, and the removable drip tray makes it possible to fit your larger mugs or travel mug under the spout, so you don’t have to do any beverage transferring. Just brew and go; it’s that simple.

You can go from start to finish - heat up your coffee and brew it - in just about one minute with this machine, which should be fast enough for even the most impatient coffee drinker. Simply hit the brew button two times, wash your face, and your coffee will be ready for you when you get back.


  • Very easy to clean, use, and maintain this model
  • Large water reservoir
  • Can work with K-cups or reusable my K-cup
  • Can turn off automatically


  • Large footprint due to side-hung water reservoir
  • Water cools down quickly

4. Keurig K475 Review


Now, I’d like to get into my Keurig K475 review. The Keurig K475 is a high-end model from Keurig that shares more similarities with the K575 than any other model on this list. The real difference between the K475 and the K575 lies with their water reservoirs.

The water reservoir on the K575 is 80 ounces, while the one on this model is slightly smaller at 70 ounces. Additionally, it is not possible to have direct hot water access with this machine, though there are a few easy workarounds to do so:

Other than that, many of the best features of the K475 are ones I’ve previously mentioned, but I’ll go through them again to make it clear what a great model this is.

This model offers brew strength, temperature, and size control settings that are much more customizable than the lower-end Keurig models. You can choose from five different temperatures and also adjust the altitude setting to ensure that you get the right brew no matter what location you are living in.

The thing I love most about this model is how fast it does everything. From heating the water to brewing your coffee, everything is super speedy. You can expect to have a cup of coffee in about 45 seconds, and I don’t know where else you’ll be able to find that. This machine is a delight to use.


  • Offers brew strength, temperature, and size control settings
  • Color touchscreen with easy-to-follow menu system
  • Large, compact water reservoir holds 70 ounces of water
  • Auto on/off energy saving can be turned on
  • Multiple languages available


  • Does not have automated hot water dispensing
  • Can only be used with Keurig brand K-cups
  • Can be too noisy for some users
  • Has a large footprint on the count

5. Keurig K50 Review


Finding Keurig k50 reviews can be really difficult, but that’s not because the Keurig K50 isn’t great - it is a great coffee maker. This model is just very similar (and part of the same line) as the Keurig K55, so it’s often passed over to review the K55 instead.

Still, I think it’s good to introduce this model as well because it has some differences that might make it the right choice for you instead of the K55.Like the K55, the K50 is a single serve, programmable coffee maker that can hold up to 48 ounces of water in its built-in reservoir. This makes it easy to brew multiple cups of coffee, and you don’t have to refill up the reservoir too often, which is something I love.

Each of these models have aesthetically pleasing designs that come in black or red, and they have a nice look to them that can add a touch of class to any kitchen counter without taking up too much room.

So what is different between the K50 and K55? Feature-wise, there are no differences. Seriously. They’re exactly the same! The company simply kept making them both even though they are so closely related.

The difference lies in the fact that the K55 was released as an upgrade to the K50. So, while they have the same features, the interior parts are said to be more durable, so the K55 may have a longer lifespan than the K50. But the K50 has been shown to perform very well, so this shouldn’t be a huge concern to you.


  • Can use pods from any brand, not just Keurig
  • 48-ounce water reservoir
  • Very fast brewing time (under 1 minute)
  • Removable drip tray
  • Slightly lighter and smaller than the K55


  • Older model; has been upgraded to the K55
  • Large footprint due to side-hung water reservoir
  • Water cools down quickly

6. Keurig K200 Review


Now, let’s dig into my Keurig K200 review. The Keurig K200 is another slightly older model that you don’t see mentioned as often anymore, but like the K50, it’s still a great machine that Keurig keeps making because they know that it is a quality piece of kitchen equipment.

Despite being older than some of its counterparts in the 200 line, this machine is a 2.0 Keurig that can use the updated K-cups and K-carafes. There are actually 9 different brew sizes available with the K200, which is way more than many Keurigs have.

On the downside, this means that this model can only be used with Keurig branded pods. But you can get a my K-cup and use this to save money and brew your own, fresh ground coffee each morning.

This specific model has a 40 oz reservoir that will keep water hot, and you don’t have to refill it too frequently. The reservoir is built into the back of the machine, which helps it have a smaller footprint in your kitchen.

Another nice thing is that this model has a touchscreen menu which allows you to choose your size and strength for each cup that you brew. This makes customizing your drink easier than ever before.

I still need to mention my favorite thing about this machine, and that is the design of it. While I find that some Keurig machines look a little awkward or imbalanced due to the water reservoir being on the side, the water reservoir on this Keurig is at the back.

This allows the machine to have a balanced, sleek look that others lack. I love it!


  • Works with K-carafes and other 2.0 features
  • Touchscreen easy to use
  • Can adjust size and strength
  • Easy to clean
  • Nice design


  • Can only use Keurig new and branded K-cups
  • Strange smell after brewing
  • Not the most durable Keurig

7. Keurig K15 Review


Now, let’s examine what the Keurig K15 from the Classic Line of Keurig machines is all about. This machine does not have a water reservoir, which sets it apart from all the other models that I have talked about today. Instead, you pour enough water into the machine each time that you want to make a cup of coffee.

Since there is no reservoir, this machine takes up very little counter space. It’s absolutely tiny! You’ll be able to fit this on your desk at work, in a small corner of your kitchen, or anywhere else that you want to be able to make a coffee but don’t have much space. The size is great.Instead of a touchscreen, this model saves space by using indicator lights to let you know what is going on with the machine. When you have the pod hatch open, it lights up. When the water is ready, the brew button flashes. These small indicators ensure you can brew a great coffee.

Because you are pouring the water in each time you go to brew, this model does take longer to brew, but you can still get a delicious cup of coffee in less than 90 seconds when using the K15, which seems good to me.

I hope this Keurig K15 review has helped you to see that this model from the Classic Series is a very small machine that will work best for those who are trying to use up as little space as possible or that do not drink coffee very often. If you fit those categories, try the K15!


  • Very compact size and design great for any space
  • Simple, easy-to-use interface
  • Makes great coffee
  • Three sizes available
  • Compatible with many K-cups


  • Takes longer to brew
  • Must pour water for each cup of coffee you want to make

8. Keurig K425 Review


The final review today is my Keurig K425 review! The Keurig K425 is a 2.0 Keurig model that is part of the 25 series. We’ve already talked about the K525. The K425 doesn’t have quite as much going on, but it is a very comparable machine that can help you enjoy a great, hot drink every morning without much work on your end!

This model has a 70 oz. water reservoir located on the side of the machine which can give you a lot of cups of coffee or carafes without needing to refill, which is really convenient for most users who like to drink more than one cup of coffee a day.

The main difference between this model and the K525 is that the K525 comes standard with some accessories (such as a my K-cup reusable pod, a cleaning kit, and a Keurig carafe. These are all things you can easily get if you want them, but they aren’t necessary to have right away.

Additionally, this model doesn’t have a night light or wallpaper changing options for the touchscreen, but I don’t think you really need these things to make great coffee, and that is what the K425 is good at!

Like other updated Keurig models, you can make coffee in different strengths and sizes with this machine, which is really nice. You just use the touchscreen to make any adjustments to your preferences before you hit brew, and this will ensure that you get the perfect cup of coffee every single time.

Lastly, I love how durable this little machine is. While the plastic water reservoir felt a bit flimsy to me at first, I haven’t had any problems with it.


  • Large 70 oz water reservoir with light to tell you when it’s low
  • Strength and size settings are adjustable
  • Can be used with many different K-cups, including the reusable my K-cup
  • Easy-to-use
  • Can turn on automatically at a certain time to brew
  • Very durable construction


  • Doesn’t come with extra accessories like the K525 does
  • Slow to preheat water because of large size
  • Loud

The Best Keurig Coffee Maker Of 2017 Is…

Have you found the best Keurig coffee maker for your home? With so many unique and interesting models available, it can be really hard to narrow down your favorite even when only looking at the best of the best models.

For me, the best model definitely has to be the Keurig K250. This model has the best blend of high-quality Keurig features and added value. Without spending too much, you’ll be able to create a wide variety of coffee beverages in a reliable machine that is likely to last you for many years to come.

But really, any Keurig can do that for you. So you need to choose your favorite.

Which model is your favorite? Have you ever used any of these Keurig models before? Let me know your thoughts about your Keurig experiences in the comments.

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