Keurig vs Nespresso – Do You Know The Differences Between Them?

There are two types of people in the world. One tests the patience of a barista through their coffee. And others consider caffeine drink as an evocative way to treat their body and soul.

One group sips coffee to share positive feelings and beautiful memories with others. Meanwhile, aficionados sometimes associate it with a sense of guilt as they cannot stay alert without coffee.

Another way to define the stereotypes is a frequently asked question: Keurig vs. Nespresso – which one do you prefer?

The two huge corporations possess most of the single serve coffee machines found in supermarkets and stores. However, not all coffee consumers can tell the differences between them.

That’s why we are here to help! We hope that the information in our article below will help you make an informed decision.


What To Know About Single Serve Coffee Machines?

WAIT! Before delving into the differences between Keurig vs. Nespresso, you should take time to know more about single serve coffee machines.

Why Do You Need Single Serve Coffee Machines?

If efficiency and user-friendly features top your priority, then, the single serve coffee machines are your best bet.

These single serve coffee makers rely solely on grounds kept inside capsules or pods manufactured by the same machine brand.

Single Serve Coffee Makers Save You Much Time

They allow you to get the exact grounds-to-water ratio instead of facing the hassle of grinding the coffee beans by yourself. That way, coffee enthusiasts can have a quick caffeine fix to begin a hectic workday in a heartbeat.

Single Serve Coffee Makers Save You Much Money

Time is gold. Because the single serve coffee makers save you much time, they also save you much money. Also, it changes the notion that fancy barista-style drinks are only available at a local coffee house at a high price.

With a single serve coffee machine, you can have an artistic cup of coffee for as little as 50 cents in the comfort of your home.

How Do Single Serve Coffee Machines Work?

Three simple steps can save you much time and money:

  • Step 1: Pierce either of the coffee capsule’s end
  • Step 2: Heat the water
  • Step 3: Run the hot water through the capsule

The hot coffee will go through the machine straightly into your cup. Finally, you have nothing to do rather than enjoying it.

Nespresso vs. Keurig – Here Is A Quick Lowdown

Nespresso vs. Keurig – These two companies currently own the best single serve coffee makers on the market.

They all have expanded enormously since their founding in the 1900s - 2000s. They have helped coffee enthusiasts get caffeine into their bloodstream efficiently and quickly without compromising excellent flavor.


It is a Switzerland-based operating unit of the Nestlé Group. While Nespresso is pretty new to American customers, it has much of a presence on the European market.

The VertuoLine and the OriginalLine are the two options available helping you create the barista-styled cup of espresso.

OriginalLine is more popular. Meanwhile, Nespresso specifically designed the VertuoLine to meet the preference for larger servings of North American markets.


When it comes to the single serve coffee brewer manufacturer, Keurig is the world’s market-leading brand. It is a part of Keurig Dr. Pepper - the third largest North American beverage company.

Keurig coffee machines come in more than 50 models, meaning that it might have one working for anyone regardless of their needs. Five different pod types are Rivo, K-Carafe, K-Vue, K-Cup, and K-Mug and K-Vue.

Where its Swiss rival often works with world-class brands to make their machines, Keurig cooperates with top-of-the-line manufacturers to create their capsules.

The result is over 60 different K-cup varieties giving even the pickiest users a handful of brewing options to please their tastes.

Keurig vs. Nespresso – What Make Them Different From Each Other?

Keurig vs. Nespresso – which one is better? It is an age-old question frequently asked among coffee consumers. Have you found out the answer to this question? Not yet? Then, all you have to do is to check out our comparison below!

Which One Offers More Types of Brew?


Types of beverages might be the most significant defining factor between Nespresso and Keurig machines.

Espresso-lovers cannot make their favorite drinks with Keurig models. Meanwhile, some Nespresso units can brew a regular cup of Joe. Also, you can make an Americano cup with a more affordable Nespresso machine.

Keurig offers much more coffee flavor options, though. So, you can get way more out of K-cup range of Keurig unless you love espresso very much.

Which One Is Cheaper?


When it comes to the initial cost to purchase, Keurig is likely to be the winner. Not only does it offer many more models available than Nespresso, but also the price of each Keurig machine is lower than that of Nespresso.

Depending on the model, Keurig machines typically range from $75 to $250. Meanwhile, most Nespresso machines are in the $150-$300 range.

The Estimated Cost of A Nespresso Pod

  • $0.80 for an OriginalLine pod
  • $1.15 for a VertuoLine pod

The Estimated Cost of A Keurig Pod

  • $0.85-$1.35 per single cup of Rivo
  • $1.75-$2.25 per K-Carafe pod (one pod brews four coffee mugs in one go)
  • $1.40-$1.60 per K-Mug and K-Vue pod
  • $0.35-$0.60 per single cup of K-Cup pod
  • $0.99 per K-Vue pod

NOTE: You can use one of the available reusable pods manufactured by each brand to reduce the cost per serving.

Which Is More Durable?


The higher price of Nespresso means that you will have to pay more to get more bells and whistles. However, it also means that you don’t need to sacrifice quality.

The Switzerland-based brand has been partnering with top manufacturers like the Italian company Caffè Vergnano or the Australian company Kogan. It means they spend much money on premium materials and designs.

Keurig uses paper to make their pods’ filters, plastic for their bodies and covers them with aluminum. Meanwhile, Nespresso pods’ bodies are made from recyclable aluminum.For all the reasons above, Nespresso products are more durable.

Which One Has Greater Brewing Method and Quality?


Both Keurig and Nespresso take advantage of pressure and high temperature to extract the coffee flavor. So, there is no difference when it comes to their brewing method.

What’s fantastic, though, is the speed of Keurig machines. They can brew a coffee cup within only 60 seconds.

Both Keurig and Nespresso coffees are unique and more flavorful than typical drip coffee. But the latter seems to be a little more impressive.

Which One Is More User-friendly?


Both Keurig and Nespresso machines are easy to clean. Follow some simple steps below to clean any model you choose:

  • Use a non-abrasive sponge or cloth to wipe down the machine’s exterior
  • Wash the sink after removing the detachable components
  • To clean up calcium deposits, we recommend descaling vinegar/water mixture every 3-6 months

But, Nespresso has an advantage over Keurig for two reasons:

  • The exit and entry needles not only make Keurig’s pod assembly a little bit finicky but also give it ease to clog.
  • The descaling mode found in Nespresso machines allows for optimal internal cleaning.

IN SHORT: Nespresso is the winner in terms of user-friendly features

Which One Is More Flexible?

Keurig machines received so many positive comments about how flexible they are. While Nespresso users are stuck to the limited amount of coffees sold by this brand, Keurig owners can create a wide variety of beverages.

Rather than a coffee machine, any Keurig can be a drink maker. With it, you can have beverages of all kinds, from tea and fruit-based to coffee and hot chocolate.

Wrapping Up

Keurig and Nespresso – they are the biggest names in the world of single serve coffee machines. Both of them are second to none. But they also have a lot of differences.

There are different durability and flexibility levels, types of beverages brewed, eco-friendly features, and prices! So, which brand will you choose? There is no definite answer for everyone.Your final decision all comes down to your preference, budget, and specific requirements.

But for us, the super picky coffee enthusiasts who love every single coffee variety, Keurig is our favorite. Not only is it more budget-friendly, but it also has more flavor options available.

Do you find our article useful? Have you made up your mind yet? Let us know in the comment box below!

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