The Best Delicious Kona Coffee K Cups Of 2019 (Don’t Miss #5)

K cups come in hundreds of different flavors, and you can bet that I have a very large supply of different flavors at home! From ciders to dark roast coffees, I’ve pretty much tried it all.

One of my favorite types of coffee I have come across while trying out different K cups is Kona coffee, but I’ve realized that figuring out which are the best Kona coffee K cups isn’t as easy as I thought it would be.

If you want to try a flavorful coffee in your next K cup purchase, give these Kona coffee K cups a try!


What Is Kona Coffee?

Before we get into today’s list, let’s go over what Kona coffee is. This is important to know before you choose which Kona coffee K cups you want to try after all!

Kona coffee comes from Hawaii! Specifically, Kona coffee is grown on Hualalai and Muana Loa, which are on the Big Island of Hawaii. Kona coffee is known to be one of the most expensive coffees in the world.

Because of this, there are some coffees that are 100% Kona and others that are Kona coffee blends. Kona coffee blends contain a minimum of 10% Kona coffee, and they are not as expensive because they are not purely Kona coffee.

Throughout the list below, I have only included K cups which have 100% coffee inside of them. I believe this is the best way to drink Kona coffee, and thus recommend these types of Kona cups as the top choices. If you want to try Kona blends, that’s okay, too! They simply are not on this list.

#1 Blue Horse Kona Coffee


Blue Horse 100% Kona Coffee K cups come from a small farm that is completely pesticide free, and you can expect high-quality because of this.

These K cups are filled with 100% Kona coffee. This coffee is hand picked, sun dried, washed with rain water, and this whole process happens without any herbicides or pesticides being used on the product. Additionally, the coffee is 100% government compliant for Kona coffee standards!

If you want a complex Kona with fragrant notes and a touch of sweetness, these are the K cups for you. These cups are Keurig 2.0 compatible as well, so you can use them no matter which Keurig machine you have.

#2 Pooki's Mahi 100% Kona Coffee Regular


Next up is a unique Kona coffee from Pooki Mahi. Their 100% Kona Coffee Regular Single Serve K cups are a great way to get your cup of fresh Kona coffee every morning, and you won’t have to spend too much, either!

The roast on this medium Kona coffee is a bit different than the other K cup I’ve already mentioned. This roast brings a spicy finish and a hint of chocolate. A very robust flavor, you can even get hints of wine as well!

The K cups are filled with 100% Kona coffee that is harvested from various family estates on the big island. Roasting is done in Oahu by a parent company. These K cups only work with Keurig 1.0 brewers, so I would not recommend them if you have a 2.0 Keurig.

#3 Kona Trading Co. 100% Kona Coffee


Kona Trading Co. 100% Kona Coffee Single Serve K Cups are created by Kona Trading Co, which was established in 2012 to help get Kona coffee to more people around the world.

These small, recyclable K cups are each filled with 100% Kona coffee. The coffee used in these cups is given a medium roast, and they are certified to be GMO-free. If you want a medium-roasted coffee with no strong flavor overtones, try these K cups.

If you appreciate great design, you’ll love the packaging on these K cups. As you can see, the retro diner feel is really vibing with this box. You might even want to keep it on the counter for guests to see since it’s got such a fun vibe!

#4 Fresh Roasted Coffee LLC 100% Kona Coffee Pods


The Fresh Roasted Coffee LLC has made a great coffee pod in their 100% Hawaii Kona Direct Trade Coffee Pods from Hala Tree Farms.

The USDA certified organic Kona coffee used in these coffee pods is obtained through Hawaiian Direct Trade from Hala Tree Farms, some of the best farms around. You can be sure that you’re getting the highest quality of organic Kona coffee when purchasing from Fresh Roasted Coffee LLC.

Another thing to love about the coffee cups from Fresh Roasted Coffee LLC is that they make sure to use an environmentally friend roasting process, and they roast the coffee just before packaging it. This ensures that your coffee will be fresh for as long as possible!

These K cups can work in any Keurig brewers, including 2.0 brewers. No matter what Keurig machine you have, you can use these K cups.

#5 100% Kona Coffee Single Serve Cups By Hualalai Estate


100% Kona Coffee Single Serve Cups By Hualalai Estate is my absolute favorite K cup when it comes to Kona coffee. I drink quite a few of the coffees on this list, but this is the one that I savor on special occasions when I want an extra delicious cup of coffee.

You will notice that these K cups are a tiny bit more expensive than many other coffee brands. And there is a good reason for that!

Rather than using any type of larger conglomerate, this company uses only 100% Hawaiian Kona Coffee, and they do their best to support local farmers that have been in the industry for a long time. By paying more, you are supporting a strong local economy.

This particular K cup from the slopes of the Hualalai Volcano is a medium verging on dark roast. It isn’t very dark, but I do not recommend buying this coffee if you only like light medium roasts. The coffee itself is pesticide-free and packaged in recyclable cups.

These K cups are compatible with Keurig systems, including the 2.0 models!

#6 Hawaii Roasters 100% Kona Coffee


Hawaii Roasters 100% Kona Coffee is a great medium roast K cup package which can give you the great flavor of Kona coffee without forcing you to spend too much money.

The roast on these beans is sometimes known as a full city roast. The beans themselves become a chestnut brown color during roasting, and the resulting flavor is quite mild. This means that it won’t overwhelm you. You can drink this coffee straight from your Keurig, or you can mix it with a creamer without feeling like the flavor becomes muddied.

These K cups do not work with Keurig 2.0, but they are compatible with other Keurig models. If you want to use them in a 2.0 brewer, you can dump them into a personal K cup which is made to fit the Keurig that you own.

The brand itself, Hawaii Roasters, is very reliable. Their coffee is hand picked, sun dried, and farm roasted by masters who have been doing so for generations.

#7 Kona Bean Co. 100% Medium Full Roast Kona Coffee K Cups


Another good option to consider when choosing your next K cups are the Kona Bean Co. 100% Medium Full Roast Kona Coffee K Cups. The best thing about these K cups is that they will work in all Keurig machines (including 2.0 models), but there is more to love than just that.

The coffee itself is sustainably harvested and bought through direct trade to ensure that the Kona coffee market stays healthy. The coffee itself is produced at Kona, and these K cups include 100% Kona coffee.If you want a delicious medium roasted coffee that is non-GMO and in recyclable capsules, this is the K cup for you.

One thing I love about these specific K cups is their design. In a way, the box and the K cups have a retro feel. While I know the taste is more important than anything else, some people (like me) like to have a fun display of K cups which they can show off when guests are over.

Get Caffeinated With Kona!

Have you found your favorite Kona coffee K cups?

I know that it’s not easy to choose between them because all of these different K cup options probably seem really appealing. Even though I’ve tried them all, I still drink more than one of them because there’s just so many good Kona coffee K cups available.

More K cups

Do you have any fast favorites or K cups on this list that you like to use more than others? Make sure to let me know so I can try them again!

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