7 Low Acid Coffee Brands That Will Make You And Your Digestive System Happy (2019 Edition)

Finding low acid coffee brands can seem like an impossible necessity for anyone who suffers from digestive issues when drinking acidic coffee. While I’ve loved coffee my whole life, I’ve found that when my stomach is more sensitive, coffee can make it 100x worse.

During those periods, I always look for a low acid coffee to drink. This keeps my stomach from being upset and avoids the possibility of painful heartburn that can come from an acid treat like coffee.

Thankfully, some coffee brands offer a processed version of coffee that does not irritate the stomach as much. Let’s take a look at the top low acid coffee brands!


#1 Puroast: 70% Less Acid

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Puroast is probably the most popular brand of low-acid coffee. They offer up to a 70% reduction in acid compared to other brands.

Since dark roast blends of coffee have less acid than lighter roasts, try their Dark French Roast. If you don’t like dark blends, the Puroast House Blend is also a great choice that is low in acid content. They take a lot of care to roast their coffee in a unique way to create the perfect flavor.

Not only is Puroast low in acid, but it’s also higher in antioxidants than other brands and teas which helps it boost your digestive system:

Puroast is a fantastic low-acid option. They claim to have 70% less acid in their coffee than other brands, and they’ve even done the research to prove it! Whether you have a regular machine, K-cups, or another brewing device, you can use Puroast as your daily cup of joe.

#2 Healthwise Saves Your Stomach

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Another great brand option that is a low-acid coffee is Healthwise. They know that many companies claim to be acid-free, but they actually look at the pH level of their coffee, which is 6.18. Water has a pH level of around 7, so this shows that their coffee isn’t very acidic.

In addition to being low in acid, this coffee is also without any fat, calories and cholesterol. Even if you add creamer and sugar to your coffee, this drink will help your overall diet more than it will hurt it.

Healthwise also claims that their coffee tastes better longer on a warming plate, and it can even be used to create delicious iced coffee since it keeps well in the refrigerator. Since it’s not made with typical methods, it’s able to stand up to refrigeration.

The Healthwise Brand is big on promoting the healthy benefits of coffee, like reducing the risk of debilitating diseases such as MS. This low-acid coffee is available for your pod brewing device or as a decaffeinated version in addition to the standard blend.

#3 Tyler’s Coffee Is A Solid Choice

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Another option when it comes to acid-free or low-acid coffee is Tyler’s Coffee! This coffee has a sweet story. It started whenever the CEO wanted to help create a coffee that his father would enjoy since regular coffee upset his stomach too much to drink daily.

Tyler’s Coffee uses a patented process called “Z-roasting” which removes the natural acidity of coffee while roasting by monitoring the temperature, humidity, and more throughout the process. This gives a product that has a pH closer to that of water than to that of standard coffee brands.

Tyler’s Coffee blends have a 6.05pH (low acid) which is great for those with sensitive stomachs. This is 6x and 9x less acidic than Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts’ coffee, respectively. This means fewer stomach problems and more enjoyment from your coffee every day.

Tyler’s Coffee comes in both regular and decaf options. Drink different with Tyler’s Coffee!

#4 Hevla Coffee Is Low In Acid, High In Flavor!

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The next brand worth discussing as a low acid coffee option is Hevla’s Coffee. This brand is based in Colorado and offers great customer service in addition to great tasting coffee.

Hevla creates their low acid coffee by steaming the beans before they roast them. This process causes some of the naturally occurring substances that cause higher acidity when roasting. This way, you get a delicious coffee without a lot of acid.

Their beans are also roasted-to-order, so you can guarantee that you won’t be receiving old, stale beans when you get beans from the awesome brand, Hevla.

Hevla offers ground and whole bean options in regular, decaf, and dark roast varieties, so you can find the perfect flavor for your morning cup of coffee. You could even try a sample sized amount of Hevla to see if this is the low acid coffee for your home.

#5 Simpatico Coffee Is New And Delicious

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While Simpatico is relatively new in terms of low acid coffee brands, that doesn’t make them any less delicious than the other low acid coffee brands out there. They were even given a shout out for being one of the best low acid coffee brands available to coffee lovers!

The word “Simpatico” means nice in Spanish, and nice is what this brand aims to be.

First, they want to be nice to your stomach. The offer both medium and dark roast blends, which test at 5.75 and 5.91 pH respectively. While this isn’t as low as some other brands, their beans are 100% naturally grown in a low-acid environment, not processed to be low acid, so there is a big benefit there.

They also want to be nice to the farmers they buy beans from. The coffee is bought directly from farmers and surpasses Fair Trade standards. They want to run an eco-friendly company that respects the farmers, the customers, and the land the beans come, and that’s very admirable.

Whether you want decaf or full strength coffee, you can get your low acid coffee fix from Simpatico. They do not offer pod cups because of the extra waste they create.

#6 Trücup Coffee Is Truly Low In Acid

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Trücup Coffee comes in six different roasts, and all of them are low in acid but high in flavor! They want you to get the full experience of coffee, from taste to aromas, while not having to deal with the frustrating side effects that acidic coffee can cause for your digestive system.

Their most acidic coffee is their light roast (since darker roasts are less acidic), and this still comes in up to 4.7 times less acidic than leading coffee brands. Their other blends are even lower in acid, but they want to play it save and use their light roast as their benchmark to show you that they are committed to creating a quality, low acid coffee.

The list of low acid coffee available from trücup Coffee is long, and that’s one of the reasons to love them! Many low acid brands only carry one or two flavors, but that’s not the case with trücup Coffee:

#7 Folgers Simply Smooth Is In Your Grocery Aisle

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Some people want to try out a low acid coffee, but don’t want to go through the inconvenience of ordering online since many of the specialty low acid coffee brands aren’t stocked in your local market. Folgers Simply Smooth, however, is!

Folgers found it’s roots in 1850, so it’s a brand that’s proven to make delicious coffee that people love.

This is a low-acid coffee that is pre-ground and comes in the standard folgers style packaging. The taste is very similar to their standard medium-roast, but it is more gentle on the stomach compared to regular Folgers.

Their low-acid coffee is said to reduce certain stomach irritants. However, they’re not specific about what exactly is reduced in the product, so it’s hard to compare it to specialty brands that create low acid coffees. Still, this is a great option for those who want to pick up an easy, low acid option.

Did You Find Your Low Acid Coffee?

I hope that these low acid coffee brands appeal to you as much as they appeal to me!

I love the idea of keeping my diet more balanced and my stomach healthier by choosing a low acid coffee. Since I drink multiple cups of coffee a day, drinking low acid keeps the heartburn at bay while also having a drink I can truly enjoy.

When you want delicious coffee that’s great for your sensitive digestive system, you can turn to any of these low acid coffee brands.

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