Microwaves & Ovens

When it’s time to cook in the kitchen, you’ll find yourself turning to either your microwave or your oven to heat things up in many cases. Both of these appliances have obvious pros and cons, but knowing how to use them most effectively may not be as obvious.

I have done a lot of different testing with my oven and microwave to see what works best in which type of appliance, so these microwave & oven articles will help you to share in that knowledge and make the best food possible.

What Can Go In The Microwave?

Microwaves, while useful, can also be considered very dangerous. Because of how rapidly they heat things up, different materials have the potential to get dangerously hot or even to catch on fire if you aren’t careful about how you heat them.

Two commonly heated materials that carry a lot of risks are glass and styrofoam. While both materials can be microwaved in certain circumstances, you should also be very careful while doing so to ensure you don’t accidentally cause any problems in your kitchen.

On top of that, not all foods should go in the microwave. This point is less about danger and more about making food taste great! See the next section about reheating food to learn more about which foods you should avoid putting into the microwave.

Reheating Successfully

One of the things that microwaves are most often used for is reheating food. It often seems that the microwave will be the fastest, easiest way to reheat food, but using the microwave is not always the best option. Sometimes, reheating food in the oven will taste much better!

It can be hard to know whether you should be using the microwave or the oven to reheat your food. Reheating fried chicken is just one of the many foods you might want to think about carefully before you decide! Tamales are another difficult food to reheat - but is a microwave the best option?

Biscuits and cookies are two more foods that can be heated up in the microwave for a delicious snack, but you should be sure that you want to use the microwave before you get started!

Kitchen Hacks

If you want to melt down your Nutella or make yogurt at home for the first time, both your microwave and your oven might come in handy!There are a few ways to use these appliances that many people don’t even realize are possibilities. With some patience and experimentation, you’ll learn that both microwaves and ovens are great for more than just cooking and heating food.

Many microwaves come with a number of preset options. These timers can be used to prepare, thaw, or reheat commonly microwaved foods such as frozen bread, popcorn, pizza, dough, and more! If your microwave has such presets, try testing them out the next time you want to prepare something easy for dinner.

The Best Of Convection Appliances

There are different types of microwaves on the market, and they all have different benefits. From convection microwave ovens to traditional microwaves, you have a lot of options on what type to use.

And that can be overwhelming. To help you decide what kind of convection appliance will work best in your home, I’ve gathered up the best of the best in a few round-up articles. These articles will give you the insight needed to choose the right appliance:

No matter which type of appliance you decide to invest in, you’ll find that you can use it in dozens of different ways to make cooking more enjoyable!

More Microwaves & Ovens

Do you have any tips or tricks about microwaves and ovens that you want to share? Or any questions for me about these appliances? If you do, make sure to send them my way. I’m always adding more useful information to my blog, and I’d love to answer any questions you have as quickly as possible!